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33 y/o Wanting to Improve Quality of Life


Hello. I have some problems that I have had for some years. I'm hoping to find a way to cure these things without TRT if possible but am hoping for some help from the experts here.

  • Fingers and toes easily get cold. Mostly in winter but also sometimes in the summer. After getting indoors it takes 10-20 minutes to get them warm again. Sometimes only the fingers on one hand gets cold, this can happen also while I am indoors. I have had this problem for 10-12 years.

  • Eczema on right hand. Started 6 years ago. (possible cause: henna tattoo, or the fact I was working as bartender and was washing hands often and using different detergents for cleaning tables and so on)

  • Libido declined during the last 4 years. (possible cause: 4 years ago tough break-up with GF and a job I didn't like, I quit the job)

- 33 years old
- height 5 11
- waist 36" (at navel)
- 183 lbs
- body fat round 16% (15,3% measured in June 2010 by Poliquin level 5 coach)
- Thick beard, body hair all over (chest (thick), back (thick), arms, legs)
- Carry most fat in abdominal area, not changed much over the years.
- No drugs.
- Diet: Paleo for several years. Since July 2011 Lots of rice, millet and barely, 250g meat per day. All recommended by an acupuncturist who I was getting treatment from. Goal was to tonify spleen and kidneys. Regarding calories I might have been undereating 3-4 years ago, but not during the last years.
- Was training 3-4 times per week for many years. This year (2011) no training. Started training again this week, end of November.
- testes never ache.
- After good uninterrupted sleep of minimum 8 hours, normally morning wood. Slightest disturbance, no morning wood.

Blood work done:

November 2011
E2 10,1 microgram/ml (<54,5)
T3 (free) 3,8 microgram/ml (2,3-4,2)
SHBG 37 nmol/L (10-57)

November 2011
TSH serum 1.3 mU/l (0.4-4.5)
T4 serum 1,41 ng/dl (0.78-1.64)
LH serum 6.1 U/l (2.5-7.0)
Prolactin serum 7.36 microgram/l (<14.1)
Testosterone serum 634 microgram/dl (288-1095)
Vit D-25 72 ng/ml (10-70)

August 2010
CRP 0.3 mg/l (<5)
Leukocyte 5.1 Tsd/l (4.9-9.4)
Erythrocyte 4.78 Mio/l (4.5-6.3)
Hemoglobin 15.0 g/dl (14.0-18.0)
Hematocrit 43 % (38.0-52.0)
MCV 90 fl (78.0-98.0)
MCHC 35 g/dl (32.0-36.0)
MCH 31 pg (26.0-32.0)
Thrombocyte 159 Tsd/l (150.0-44.0)
Potassium 4.3 mmol/l (3.5-5.6)
Creatinine 1.06 mg/dl (<1.30)
LDH 98.6 F 164 U/l (<250)
Bilirubin, total 0.57 mg/dl (<1.2)
GOT (ASAT) 29 U/l (<50)
GPT (ALAT) 36 U/l (<50)
Gamma-GT 98.6 F 12 U/l (<60)
Alk. Phosphate 98.6 F 49 U/l (40-130)
Lipase 48 U/l (<60)

February 2008
B-HB 156 g/l (134-167)
B-ERYT 4.98 E12/l (4.25-5.70)
B-HKR 0.460 part (0.39-0.50)
E-MCV 93.1 fl (82-98)
E-MCH 31.3 pg (27-33)
B-LEUK 4.2 E9/l (3.40-8.20)
B-TROM 192 E9/l (150-360)
P-KOL 3.04 mmol/l (-)
FP-KOL-LDL 1.30 mmol/l (-)
P-KOL-HDL 1.43 mmol/l (-)
FP-TRIGLY 0.67 mmol/l (0.45-2.60)
P-ASAT 27 U/l (15-45)
P-ALAT 36 U/l (10-70)
P-GT 13 U/l (10-80)

After getting my latest lab results and reading trough the stickies I guess I should get E2 tested. Something else you recommend I should test. Or can somebody with this minimal info pinpoint possible causes for the above-mentioned problems (especially the lack of libido/sex drive)


I would get the e2 and free t3 as well (I have seen cases where t3 is LOW and t4 is good and tsh is low)...Getting a saliva cortisol test would be good as well though I am sure that is okay. Why is your vitamin d so high? Do you go out in the sun a lot or take supplements? Also test SHBG. Another possibility is your free T is low even though your total T is good (shbg may be high) which could cause symptoms. Other than that I don't see anything particularly that stands out. Other people here may have other ideas.



Regarding Vit D, I've been supplementing with 10.000 IU of Vit D3 daily for 1,5 years. I was happy to see that it is high, but furthermore I can see that recommendations for Vit D3 today are way too low....


It is true. We supposedly 'make' 10,000IUs from exposure to sunlight. I never go out in the sun and am very pale and my vitamin d was 31 (low of the range was 30). All I took was a mutli with 1000IUs. I started going out in the sun for like 10 mins a day and took 5,000IUs every other day and it went up to 50...but I have since stopped so it is probably lower. My hormone labs didn't get any better with the increase either, neither did my immune system (my immune cells are always at the top of the range when most people's seem to be at the lower half).


Also if those tests are fine, then I have heard selegiline (an MAO-B inhibitor) which inhibits just dopamine from breaking down helps with libido. Spoke to 2 older guys who say their libido is extremely strong with it. It was first used for parkinson's patients but is also used for depression and as a 'nootropic'. Also it doesn't have the crazy effects that the MAOIs like parnate have such as causing hypertensive crisis due to eating aged cheese :)...


So, I got my results for E2, T3 (free) and SHBG today. What stands out is that my E2 is 10,1!!!

As stated in my opening post I'm not taking any meds nor hormones.

My supplements are as follows:
Omega-3 (3g EPA/DHA per day)
Zinc L-carnosine (75mg in the morning)
Magnesium (├╝bermag 450mg in the evening)
Vitamin D 10.000 IU per day

So, what could be causing the low E2? And furthermore how can I get it up to 20?

Advice from the experts here would be highly appreciated.


Dont add your new bloodwork to your original post by editing! This makes it impossible to track changes and renders follow on responses obsolete due to the changed information...just add it as a new post to your thread...

Your E2 is a little low, but other than that I don't see anything that could be causing your issues, hormonally speaking...Your thyroid is perfect...your TT is good...your SHBG is midrange, which means your Free T is probably good along with your TT...

I don't know how you would go about bringing estrogen up, but I don't think this is a wise decision even if you could.

You may want to look elsewhere for your solution...Retinoid had a good recommendaiton with dopamine antagonists...have you looked into those?