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33 Y/O, No TRT Yet But Elevated Estradiol - Advice

Hi, first post here, hoping to find some advice. I’m a 33 y/o male, lift frequently and by my esitmate would be at about 20% body fat. Haven’t touched any gear so far. I’ve had symptoms that are associated with low T for the better part of a decade now - fatigue, brain fog, low libido, some ED. Also had gyno since puberty.

I got some tests recently and found out my Estradiol is pretty high:

Estradiol160 pmol/L (50-150)
Total Test 17.3 nmol/L (10-35)
Free Test 402 pmol/L (225-725)
SHGB 28 nmol/L (13-71)
FSH 2 iu/L (1-10)
LH 3 iu/L (1-10)

I had the E2 confirmed with a second test a couple weeks later, which came in at 150 that time.

My questions, is that considering my T levels aren’t abysmal (although definitely not as high as I’d like), could my elevated E2 be causing some of my symptoms, and if so, what would my best option be? Start taking an AI like Aromasin? Can that even be kept up indefintely?

Any help is much appreciated!

Have you look at your thyroid hormones Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3 and antibodies? Thyroid problems can mimic low testosterone. E2 may be too high for you and would cause ED.

I don’t have results to post right this second, but yes I’ve also had most if not all of them checked too, none of which came back out of range

Low Free T3 which is in range wouldn’t necessarily be good. We see countless men coming in here who are in range complaining of low T or low thyroid symptoms and doctor won’t listen.

A lot of doctors wholeheartedly believe the ranges are too wide and need to be narrowed, I believe if the ranges were actually narrowed quite a bit we would see more and more men coming in here inquiring about their numbers even though they have no symptoms, but we have the opposite happening which if proof the ranges are whacked.

Micro doses of anastrozole would be what I would try and lose some of that body fat it is not helping. Lowering your E2 should increase your T just don’t over do the AL. Give .125mg 2x per week for a month a try and get your E2 tested.
good luck

Looking through my previous tests now I actually can’t find any thyroid ones to confirm I am all clear there, although they may be recent ones with my Dr that I haven’t got copies of yet. Good point though, if I have no recent tests of these I’ll get some new ones done, thanks.

Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I’ll make sure my thyroid is clear first, then if so probably give a protocol like this a go. I’ll report back on how I go regardless!