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33 Y/O Female with Extremely High Metabolism - Trying to Gain

How many times a week do you dance?
Do you do any weight training with heavy weights?

I have a few friends that were all dancers and super skinny, because it’s like doing 8 hours of cardio a day. Once they stopped dancing, some of them became pretty big, because they continued eating the same amount of food, but they weren’t dancing to burn it off.

Although my situation is a little different to yours, I used to have a manual labour job, play football (soccer) for 2 different teams & I had a bodybuilding style of training that didn’t have a lot of recovery. I couldn’t get bigger because I my metabolism was so quick, it was like I was in a constant deficit.

Now that I work in an office and I don’t play football anymore, I’ve bulked from around 170lbs to around 250lbs (some of it fat), as I’m able to find more time to eat.

Why can’t you?

Normally this section operates the following way:

  1. OP posts with a problem

  2. OP delivers stats and data

  3. OP gets input from members

  4. Said content gets discussed, refined and tried

I repeatedly see that you don’t provide the data we need. You were asked repeatedly if you measure calories and how many you eat and didn’t answer. You get input and just say you can’t do it, but not why. Also you some things don’t match up like a shitload of veggies but can’t down a shake. Then you lash out with some story from an abuse when someone criticizes. Not fair, not necessary, bad behavior.

I know how it is when you have stomach problems, really. I myself lost 25 pounds in 2019 because I couldn’t eat nearly anything. After I got that fixed I gained 40 pounds in 1.5 years, so back and then some. It took long and it was hard but the base was shakes and then slowly added in stuff I could eat. I understand you but don’t think I put up with BS.

We want to help you but you gotta work with us.


What type of dancer, how many hours a day do you train?

Have you been on medication?

Starting off …look into DIgestive enzymes ( I really like NOW foods brand) -really help with post meal bloating etc.
Improving gut health can help also…