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33 Y/O Female with Extremely High Metabolism - Trying to Gain

I can’t get those calories in me - you need to read the rest of what’s written

One of the reasons why I drink these shakes, light on the stomach even after waking.

Reduce the veggies. Why a shitload if you wanna take up weight? Reduce them a bit.

Meat is good. Potatoes are not for increasing weight. They contain 15g of carbs for every 100g while rice and pasta double that with about 25-30g. Pasta is also not as filling.


Unless OP has a GI condition wherein the foodstuffs are literally passing through her body undigested–which occurs under certain conditions such as post-intestinal diversion surgery (ie, the food is flowing undigested into a colostomy-type bag), or in a few conditions that produce profound diarrhea–this claim is obviously untrue.

I don’t care if they’re riding the Tour de France at the time–no human needs 47 cals/lb/d to gain weight.

Now, given her horrible GERD, is it possible OP is not eating enough to gain weight? Sure, I’ll buy that.

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How do you know you need 4k calories? As asked above, are you tracking? Are you skipping breakfast?
Not doubting you just looking for info.

Unless you are running ultra marathons everyday, no you do not. Learn to track your food or stop making your self throw up.

This needs to change. Start small, like, a small yogurt is a flavor of your choice. If you can only eat a spoonful to start, fine. Try two spoons after you adapt to one. Just pick something you can get down, and progress from there. A rule that I live by, “You can believe you can, or you can believe you can’t. In either case you are correct.”


This needs to change. Start small, like, a small yogurt is a flavor of your choice. If you can only eat a spoonful to start, fine. Try two spoons after to adapt to one. Just pick something you can get down, and progress from there. A rule that I live by, “You can believe you can, or you can believe you can’t. In either case you are correct.”

I’ll piggy back on this. Can you sip on a shake of 3-400 cals in the morning. Take an hour to drink it if you need to.

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Wish I could do the shakes. But thank you for your input it’s helpful.

If someone is going to make negative comments and assumptions about me after all the information I can give is in this thread please do not bother. If you don’t understand what trauma can do to someone’s body and nervous system and it effecting their appetite - just seriously don’t bother. That’s not helping. I’m on here for legit help. Not some kind of attention. Which is why I won’t even post a picture of myself on here.

I have a naturally obnoxiously high metabolism and was previously in an abusive situation with a man. It’s called TRAUMA. Which you’re obviously entirely ignorant too. I don’t have f****** GERD but my symptoms from being able to even eat again are identical to that. I was just in the ER for it because I thought it was my heart and wanted to make sure.

I already explained ALL OF THIS above.

Yes breakfast is hard. I answered the rest in my last reply to someone else.

  1. NEVER said I was throwing up.
  2. 2k calories are the minimum requirement for human being to be able to maintain a healthy weight. I have a RIDICULOUSLY high metabolism (have my whole life) and when I was calorie counting 3k wasn’t enough and it’s hard for me to eat that much. Prior to April I was in an abusive situation with a man and my appetite suffered even more where at one point I was 73lbs - no one on here obviously knows the effects TRAUMA has on the body. To be such a nervous wreck you literally cannot eat.

I can’t stomach any of the shakes I’ve tried many. They’re too horrid for me to choke down.

You’re absolutely right. Appreciate your input. :black_heart:

Oh pick me! Pick me!


I have Graves disease (hyperthyroidism) and I can relate to high metabolism thing. I don’t get heartburn but at times I get incredibly bloated to the point I can’t breathe. Heart racing, shaky, can’t see, can’t think and feel like I am going to spontaneously combust. People have accused me of having an eating disorder, cancer, and my personal favorite… meth head.

Things that have helped me:
Antihistamines for allergies
Glutamine for stomach issues
L carnatine to help with thyroid hormones
Advil for inflammation
CBD oil to chill the fuck out

The prilosec can cause vitamin deficiencies which can exacerbate problems.

Bottom line is… you have to eat more. Whether you like it or not. Find something fattening you like and eat it. I find things I like and eat it over and over until I don’t want it anymore and move on to something else. A constant source of extra calories. I have eaten peanut butter, almond butter, raw nuts, Texas Trash, Dots pretzels. Just something handy to stuff in your face. It doesn’t all have to be clean, not if you want to gain weight. Even the great Charles Poliquin ate donuts and drank chocolate milk to gain weight.


I know a little about autoimmune diseases. And I’m sorry to hear that :pensive: that’s gotta be super rough. My doctor recommended the Prilosec because my chest pains were so severe they’re scary. I still am a bit burny feeling there and 6 days in on the Prilosec. A dude up a ways in the post recommended something for stomach acid and I checked it out, seems worth a try so I’m gonna order it. I also smoke marijuana to try to help with my appetite and nerves.

I know I have to eat more lol but I’m not trying to make myself sick and lose what I put in there. That’ll make me really sad lol.

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I already answered that up a ways in the thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Then I suggest you go see a therapist, nutritionist, and a physician, not some random internet people.

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I was the one who suggested she visit the T-Nation forums and can vouch for her. The forums have a long history of incredibly knowledgeable people and I have found them (in previous years) to be the most valuable asset online when it comes to training/nutrition/anatomy&physiology, injury rehab, and pharmacology.
I suggested the Pharma forum to start because of her previous use w/AS and ability to procure more/already on hand. I would also like to mention that I always strongly discourage women from using any kind of AS–or if they won’t listen: low dose anavar.
However, I know anabolics are frequently used for anemia and muscle wasting diseases; I assumed someone here (or rather in the Pharma section) would be able to more accurately assess/diagnose/suggest a route to consider. I don’t think general MD’s are properly trained to field situations like this and even specialists can be iffy. That is to say- I would be more trusting of someone on here with MD or PhD credentials compared to a general practitioner.
I also assumed there was probably at least one or two people on here with similar experiences–so I am glad to see that ChickenLittle can at least relate and give suggestions.
I suggested calorie tracking at least for a couple days and a reiteration of, “eat, even when you don’t want to.”