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33 TRT Long Term Health


Just curious on thoughts of health risks with long term usage of, AI drugs and hcg long term? Should there be supplements added to help. I would like my liver to last another 50years lol. All advise and input appreciated!


The long term risks of AI drugs and HCG in men are not known.

Tesosterone in TRT amounts isn’t known to be harmful. However, a lot of clinics give their clients 200 mg per week and call that TRT. 200 mg has been linked to heart enlargement in studies, which is a bad thing.

It is always best to use moderate doses of T to avoid the need for AIs if you can. Too many people jump on an AI when they would have done better to reduce their T dose instead. There is of course a temptation to use more T in the belief that it will make you grow more muscle, but it is not in the interest of general health.


Test becomes Bio identical in the body. T improves health and life expectancy.

Hcg in low doses shouldn’t do anything bad long term. We don’t know for sure.

AI does seem risky.

Getting really lean lowers aromatization. At some point moderate EOD injections with some DIM calcium d glucarate and a good diet might eliminate the need for AI.


Milk Thistle is great for the liver! I personally like the GnC liver support capsules because they also include dandelion root and golden seal!