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325x5 Conventional DL: Potential 405 Sumo?

6 slices off pizza the night before +10?
11 hours of sleep +10?
Smelling salts +50?
Cute females watching +100?

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I hate to admit it but I think I’m better built for sumo. I’m in denial so I’m not giving up on conventional just yet

Sumo for life

I always wonder how anyone (including me, because I used to) gets the idea that they’re built for a certain lift or style. Barring real outliers, you generally get good at what you practice. For a while I trained sumo pretty exclusively and got as good at it as I ever had at conventional. My knees started bugging out though.

It’s not sumo vs conventional, but here’s the rough idea. Main point is range of motion of hip structure which is different for everyone

I do agree with your point though that you get better at what you practice. I guess some things are just easier to practice if you’re “built for it”

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There’s absolutely that too. One thing I will say is that I find it hard to believe anyone is built to bench raw with a super wide grip.

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If sumo is cheating why are the heaviest deadlifts ever, done conventional?

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Don’t you come in here with your facts

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Bro I was mostly joking. Don’t go off on me too hard. :joy:

@yungpowalifta @duketheslaya

Did you guys come up with your usernames together?

Your correct that hip structure plays a part.

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By strongest deadlifts you mean abolute weight on the bar - because strongmen don’t have a choice but to pull conventional.

In terms of relative strength (% BW), powerlifters have options.

The strongest powerlifting deadlift was by Benedikt magnusson.






Btw I posted a video of my deadlift PR for reps in the post

You need to work on your technique. You’re not bracing properly and your lower back rounds when you pull. Also just “stand erect” at lockout rather than leaning back, aside from potentially injuring your back that also makes it nearly impossible to lock your knees, which you aren’t doing. If you can improve your technique then you could potentially pull 405 and more conventional soon, but PR attempts and AMRAP sets where you let form go to shit won’t help you get there sooner.

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