325x5 Conventional DL: Potential 405 Sumo?

Right now I can pull 320 for 5 conventional beltless. If I slap on a belt and change to sumo stance, could I pull 405 for a single? Btw I can squat 310 for 3 sets of 5. Update. 325*5coventionalnobrlt.mp4 - Google Drive last rep is strongman rules hahaha

Have you tried putting on a belt, putting 405 on the bar, pulling sumo stance and seeing if you hit it?

Personally I pulled less the first time I whacked a belt on because it was so awkward. Same with sumo.

I’d say no with your current pull though but you never know when the time comes.


320x5 projects a 373 1rm. Some people are stronger sumo, others aren’t. Only way to know is to try it. Do a 3 week cycle. Work up to a 3rm week 1, a 2rm week 2, and go for 405 in week 3.

This is a pretty silly question, the answering of which will serve no real purpose.


Don’t worry about internet formulas which might as well be as useful as the homeless dude out the front of the shops raving to himself, slap the weight on the bar and have a crack!


Please don’t do sumo


Belt + 50
Sumo Switch + 50
Extra scoop of Pre-Workout + 50

Easy 500+ pound deadlift!


Hahaha, sumo is basically cheating but they allow it at meets so…

how so?

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I know, I still don’t do it anyway. Don’t fall for the sumo trap haha.

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Don’t ask.

It’s not, you can just pull more weight😂

I can’t. Some can.


I’m tall and lanky, I couldn’t even pull conventional until I got a powerlifting coach

I tried switching to sumo and realized it took a lot of mobility work and tended to beat up my hips. It’s definitely not easier, at least for me.

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Trashed my knees unless I wear briefs.

Plus a lot of people who say they pull sumo really just pull conventional with a wide stance.


I just didn’t know how to cue upper back tight

You know I can’t help myself sometimes.:smirk:

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I actually wonder if people who say sumo is cheating have even tried sumo. I’m willing to bet that 90+% of them havent stuck with sumo for more than a month. Maybe it’s a “hey I pulled pretty good for my first ever sumo pull it must be easy” kind of thing.


Pretty much. Because sure as shit they haven’t experienced the set up, wedge into position and realise the bar will. Not. Fucking. Move.