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325/225/350 by 04/07/17 @140


Current stats:
Bw: 129-134
Age: 15
Height: 5’8"
Squat: 275
Bench: 175
Deadlift (sumo/conv): 315
Bw: 140
Squat: 325
Bench: 225
Deadlift: 350

Sunday: rest
Monday: ME bench
Tuesday: DE squat/DL
Wednesday: active rest
Thursday: DE bench
Friday: ME squat/deadlift
Saturday: active rest
On active rest days I typically do some bb work or play basketball


Monday 12/26/16 Max Effort Upper
Work up to heavy CG bench: 175 flew up; would’ve gone higher but lacked a spotter
3x5x80%(140#) CG bench
3x8x115# floor press
3x8 skullcrushers


Tuesday 12/27/16 dynamic lower
10x3x205 low bar pause squat
6x3x235 sumo deadlift
3x8x185 highbar squat
5x5x185 deficit deadlift


12/29/16 dynamic effort upper
10x3x125 pause bench
3x15x95 floor press
3x15x95 spoto press

Usually don’t track bb work but today was BACK day and I hit my right nut 3 times doin land mine rows


My dumbass decided to do some singles on the bench cuz I was bored; wasn’t counting weight just adding plates turned out I got up to 180


12/30/16 ME lower
135x8 LB pause squat
205x5 LB pause squat
225x1 LB pause squat
245x1 LB pause squat
255x1 LB pause squat
265x1 LB pause squat

225x5 LB pause squat
225x3 LB pause squat (felt kinda light-headed so dropped reps)
225x3 LB pause squat

135x8 2" block pull
300x3 plus super light band
300x3 plus super light band and 2 2.5 lb ankle weights
300x3+band/ankle weight/10lb dumbbell taped on
^ again
No idea how much weight that was but it’s certainly a volume/reps pr maybe a weight pr


I wouldnt worry about weight class at your age. I’m 5’8" also and was 143lbs at 18. Thats very light for the height to lift heavy, I touched weights and bumped up to 165-170 almost instantly. Was sitting at mid to upper 180s for 5 years before moving on. If you plan to lift at all seriously you will get heavier don’t hold back. Then you can shoot for higher numbers


It feels sooooo good seeing more people using westside methods

Also as Vincepac said,GAIN WEIGHT DAMNIT

Seriously though,since you are not near a world record at that weight class,why not spend those first years putting on mass?


I agree that I would be better off around 150-160, but I’m a hardcore ectomorph, in the first month that I started lifting I went from 123->132 and since then I’ve been on a see food/eat food diet taking in upwards of 3200 calories a day and still stuck at 132.


Any advice on gaining weight would be awesome


Could try a weight gainer. It adds a little weight to me maybe 1-2lbs but more importantly my strength goes right up


Put oil in shot(like shots in the bar I don’t know how the glass is called) and drink it.Or put oil in a plate and eat it with bread

Milk is your friend too,unless it destroys your stomach,then it’s your enemy


I’m broke as fukk so couldn’t do weight gainer, but will definitely try oils; I already drink a half gallon o’ milk a day


Haven’t weighed myself in 2 weeks decided to weigh myself today and I am 135 Pounds. Pretty excited as a 3# gain is a lot for me.


I am glad every body else chimed in on gaining some weight too.

Get your proteins, eat clean as possible but make sure you are getting as much calories as possible.

Weight gainer <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Ice Cream and Pizza <<<<<<<<< Hamburgers (not fast food)

Peanut Butter, Whole eggs, fattier meats are your friends.

If it turns out you just don’t like eating enough to gain too much weight then embrace being smaller. Richard Hawthorne is my spirit guide.


1/2/17 Max Effort upper
45x15 paused bench
120x5 paused
140x3 paused
150x3 paused-top set (was hoping for 160-165 but wasn’t feeling it today)
140x3-pretty slow
140x3-a lil better but not much
140x3- feelin good
3x8 @120 floor press
3x8 pendlay rows


1/3/17. Dynamic Effort Lower

45x10 lowbar squat
135x6 ^

135x5 Conv DL

Both deadlifts and squats moved slower than I hoped. I presume this is just me getting reaccustomed to school after 2 weeks off. Hips were probably tight after sitting down all day.


1/5/17 Dynamic Effort Upper
10x2x95+band bench press (with band felt like 130-145)
First time doing banded bench press and I really feel it in my triceps.
3x15x95 no bands
This felt really easy after taking the bands off.
3x8 DB flies 8 second eccentric
3x10 squeeze push-ups


137 pounds; extra 2 lbs might b the jeans I’m wearing but I’m counting it


1/6/17 Max Effort Lower
135x8 back squat
205x3 back squat
I stopped right there cuz I tweaked/pulled something in my hip a week ago and it was Hurtin so much it made 205 feel heavy.
135x8 deadlift
285x3 no band
285x3 no band
285x8 no band (rep pr)