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June 2006 - 324 pounds, very drunk.

The big cut:

I had already lost 70 pounds by this 1st photo.

May - 226 ----> October 2007 - 196!

The bulk:

Jan 1st—>March 13th

chest +0.6 inch
right thigh +1.5
left arm +0.5
flexed chest +1.5
flexed arm +1.1

Waist size at narrowest point: +1.3 inches
Waist size at your naval: +1 inches
Hip size at widest point: +1.2 inches
Neck at narrowest point: 15.2 inches

weight 203 —> 215 pounds

18.5% bf —> 19.71 % bf

37.5 fat —> 42.4 fat
165.5 lbm —> 172.6 lbm

7.1 pounds of muscle, 4.9 pounds of fat added.

Bigger pics of the bulk bit.

looking thicker in general, and a little bit fatter ;]

For the weight loss I did ‘real fast fat loss’ for the months you see pictured, and for the 6 months before that, I walked daily, swam daily and ate alot of veg!

for the bulk I just finished 8 weeks of Starting Strength.

My fat boy bench was 97.5 Kg which I used to think was good before i came to t nation.

My skinny 196 guy bench was all the way down at 70kg.

After 8 Weeks of Starting Strength I easily put up 100kg yesterday, after a full chest session.

So on Wednesday Ill do a proper max session so I can see the maximal strength gains from the 2 months!

NEXT: 3 weeks of mobility work while I ease into a cut diet and routine.

Then cut for 2 months. Ive had HOT-ROX EXT sitting on my mantle for the whole 2 month bulk, mentally helping me accept the fat gain!


On my way to work I remembered I didnt put a leg shot in.

So in order to stop the grief flooding in, and courtesy of the nearest disabled toilet with a big mirror and my windows mobile phone, here you go! sorry for poor quality.

try that again

Amazing job on the weightloss, but as you already know it’s time to work up again. Keep up the good work.

Any reason why you are standing on a disabled toilet in a public lavatory to take your leg shots? Its not somewhere you spend a lot of time is it?

Nice pants :slight_smile:

well done on the weight loss too, its hard to see a great deal of difference in the body pictures (aprt from the drunk one of course)

You look like you have good strong arms and there is some nice definition showing through.

Congrats on the great weight loss, you’d get a 10 for that but from a physique stand point its hard to give you a high score based on development. Keep up the hard work!

Awesome job on the weight loss!!!

Thanks for the weight loss praise,

yeah im not expecting a high score for the physique.

This is mainly for a visual record of the transformation.

Youve seen me at 324, unfortunately with a top on.

Youve seen me as a skinny little 196.

now ive completed my 1st 2 month bulk, I follow it with a 2 month cut, then rinse an repeat for a year, using a different programme and method for each bulk and each cut.

once I get more efficient it may be more like 3 month bulk, 1 month cut.

1 year from today ill have a


montage up here, and will hope that others in my previous situation can learn from my mistakes and successes.

Nice job on the weight loss.

Did you know that you have a beaver stuck to your chest in those pictures?

Nice work man, keep it up.

You’ve done the weight-loss thing, but now its time for the hard part. Putting on slabs of muscle, is like building a pyramid. The less intense you work the longer its going to take.

yup, I experimented with that within the 1st 8 month ‘bulk’

for one half I ate 100% clean, and ate targeted carbs morning and post work out with cycles and all sorts crap.

I gained 1 pound of muscle in 4 weeks.
And no fat.

the second 4 weeks I went for carbs whenever I wanted, ate a little less cleanly (cheat dat on saturdays) and upped the calories a little.

I gained 5 pounds of muscle and 7 pounds of fat.


Nice weight lose