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3200 Cals on a Screwed Up Schedule?

33, 5’6, 163 lbs
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Based on a 4 days/wk at the gym, I need close to 3200 cal daily to gain 1 lb/wk. 40/40/20 breakdown. I’d like to do a relatively clean bulk.

1st meal: always have Oatmeal and ON Whey
Last meal (usually 6th) before bed: always have skim milk and muscle milk.

Pre-WO meal is usually the 4th so I work out late afternoon.

Foods which I am accustomed to:

Egg whites
whole egg
white rice
Whole wheat bread
whole wheat pasta
Peanut Butter
Virgin olive oil
veggies (celery, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, etc)

From Jan to end of April, every mon and wed I will have classes straight from 8-2…and then 330-5. So there’s a 2-330 break. Tues, Thurs, Fri, and wknds I’m off (or working).

Just need some guidelines/assistance on creating a meal plan to get my 3200 cal/day.

And also, something which I can eat in my 8-2 classes without creating a big stench

Nothing you have on that list comes close to smelling bad.

Stuff like nuts, PB/Natural nut butters (I’m addicted to cashew butter at the moment) are very calorie dense. Ground beef isnt going to kill the cleanness of the diet, and that’s some versatile stuff, think cold chilli, bolognese, meatballs. Throw some wholewheat pasta in there. 3200 clean cals is literally no problem. I reckon I could eat 4-5000 clean cals a day if I needed too - on a full time college schedule and working two jobs.

Also concider throwing in some nutrition before and during workouts. Can use some simple sugars and protein and easily add 6-700 cals in that window, all of which should be being put to good muscle building use.

trick is to have big breakfast:
blend 40g protein, 500ml of milk, banana, 100g oats - and you have your self a nice 800 calorie breakfast on the go!

before going to bed:
30g casein, 250ml skim milk and 3table spoons of virgin olive oil - 500 calories.

thats 1300 calories taken care off, another 1900 to spread through 4 meals simple as abc!

I couldn’t read any of your posts because I was to distracted by Dule’s avatar, great example of dirty bulk being put to use.