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320 Pound Deadlift at 145


Those standards were measured against American football players, not powerlifters. So yea, if you use lifting as a supplemental activity and spend the majority of your training time training for football instead and can hit those numbers, you're probably an elite level football player, but if you spend all of your training time on lifting, it's not accurate at all.

But hey, now kids can tell all their friends that they're intermediate lifters!


Please, these standards are golden. These are not for the T-Nation superstar powerlifters. That's a bad comparison. And OP, in the average Joe department your doing fine. You are on the right track at 145/320, but in the T-Nation category...eh

Kilgore, Rippetoe, Pendlay http://www.exrx.net/Testing/WeightLifting/StrengthStandards.html

EDIT: I think there's LOT OF respected T-Nation members who don't hit the elite!!


Hey, it was the best I could find with a quick Google search, all right? It still has loftier goals than Tim Henriques' article:


To be fair, though, Tim does explicitly say that he's talking about average people and not powerlifters. Granted, this is the powerlifting forum, but I don't think that the OP would classify himself as a powerlifter.

I think we can all agree that a pull of 320 at 145 is extremely okay, and it certainly has the potential to go up.


I know you have a huge dead, but what are your squat and bench?


It's just a symptom of the ridiculous "feel good" mentality being drummed into kids K-12. We've lost our way as a nation...


My girlfriend's certainly did when she was that weight with the same DL....


I bet the OP is gonna go pull 325 after reading that.




This thread reminded me of this:



I have no idea, I havent competed in a while. Best comp bench was 412 raw like 4 years ago. I got an easy 430 close grip with the fat bar a few weeks ago. I just tripled the elite squat with a safety squat bar with a 5 second pause between each rep. The only one I have not met is the clean. My best ever is 340. I am a failure.


Everybody likes a bit of validation and especially younger guys. Its very encouraging for guys just starting out to get tips and encouragement from more experienced people.

We've lost our way as a nation because 95% of the population would rather break someone down than build someone up.


Shit, yo. Why aren't you doing full comps these days?


I don't feel like it is the job of 95% of the population to build people up.

Shit, I barely have the time to build myself up.


I don't think those standards were made with PLers in mind.


So was it just a coincidence that they used powerlifting weight classes?



The standards there are influenced by PL and WL, but are not developed for them is the impression I got based on reading about the standards on that page. In Elite, it says that only 2% of the weightlifting population reaches that level. So basically, walk into random gyms and only 2 out of hundred people are going to be that strong.

I can believe that. Outside of a PL or football gym, I've never even seen a 500lb legitimate squat. I've only seen a couple of people bench 400lb and one person bench 500 (I've seen these #s plenty in a PL gym). Sure, in the higher levels of strength sports, these standards don't mean jack shit, but for the vast majority of the population, it makes since.


Those standards were around high class one / master class from the old uspf class standards.


From checking they are about a medium to high class one with old standards assuming 85-88 year's gear.
If you take the general population they are "elite" I guess .

But they're a little above average for a competitor
. Example I totaled 430/253/462 at 148. 1145 was low class one. I'll go back and ug the numbers in and see where I stood.


Elite by these standards would be 410/291/482. 1175. I was about 200 pounds away from a powerlifting elite total .


So, some of you fat boys are calling these standards shit because you are the "superelitealfamales". great. respect.