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320 Lb PLer Dropping 10-20 Lbs


So I am sure you all get this alot but i need diet help. I'm 320 and a powerlifter...not looking to get super cut, just drop about 10-20lbs of fat, just to look and feel better.

I go to school 4 days a week at night, I am up at 3-4 am to go train with some other powerlifters...I can usualy get 2 good sessions in in the am , and try to get 1 more session in before friday.

Friday and Saturday I work for a moving company, So i can be active for 4-8 hours a day carrying heavy furnature up and down stairs etc. So this 2 days its very hard to eat right. Customers buy us pizza and burgers etc. For some reason i justify it by saying oh well i'm very active lol And this causes a train affect. I'll go out to eat with the wife....eat stuff I shouldn't.

4 days a week i keep a cooler with me, I eat 4-5 times day trying to keep lower carb...not too load cause of fri and sat i might pass out lol.....fri sat sun just destroys what lil progress I made during the week:/

thanks in advance....


How much body fat do you have at 320 pounds?

Just curious, how tall are you?


I have found the best way for me to lose weight when I'm busy is to have a healthy, light dinner. I do greek yogurt, protein shake and a handful of almonds. Take a premade protein shake to work and substitute it for the soda or whatever you usually have to drink with lunch. Start with small changes, do them consistently for a month and see where you're at. Make small changes.

Some of my favorite quotes are
"Eat to fuel your body, not because you're hungry"
"You dont fill up your car with gas when the tank is full so why is your fat ass eating right now"
"Every time you have a meal you have an opportunity to get better or worse"


That last quote really makes one feel guilty for some of those cheat meals /sigh

I could see my gym owner saying the second one though!


6ft tall....bodyfat....ehh around 20?


well lil more info....

I drink no carbonanted drinks....mainly crystal light tea ...or just water. weekends I do drink poweraid zero....cause I sweat alot at work.
I drink 2 protein shakes a day....beverly chocolate susually with just water or some heavy cream
eat very lil wheat type products...no rice, bread, pasta etc except usualy on weekends
I have resently cut out alot of dairy...trying to do a version of paleo diet....just not as strict I guess.


This is likely waaaaaaaaaay off. Pictures would help greatly.

I would be very surprised (and impressed) if you aren't at least 30% bf.


How long have you been doing your version of the paleo? (have you given it long enough to see any results?)

guilt is what keeps me from eating a side of beef a day.


well not posting pics....next time I go to gym i'll use a eletrical bodyfat thing....maybe i am over 25%.....either way not looking to be a bodybuilder just wanting a little diet help not sure how pics would help , I know i'm fat(er) than i need to be lol

I did strict paleo....never saw any results...but again I can usualy only do it for 4 days


Pics will helpful to see what sort of shape you are in. At 6 foot 320lbs, you could very well be fooling yourself and actually be extremely obese. I've seen it on here before. If that's case 10-20lbs fat loss will not come close to cutting it, even if you aren't going for bodybuilder. If you are in fact hovering around 25% BF, doubling your fat loss goal will still be much more appropriate.

Also I wouldn't bother with those bodyfat scale calculators, they are highly inaccurate.


prolly right


Man up and eat less.


Put as much dedication in your diet as your training.

Keep track of numbers, plan, stick with it, etc.