32 yr old. Test C. Dieting/Muscle Growth Questions


I am 1 week into trt, 160mg test c split 2x a week (80mg per pin). No AI yet (am doing 300mg grape seed extract a day), doc suggested to wait until next lab work to determine impact on e2 which was 30… I know, already high. Hence why I thought to try GSE.

Anyhow, my question is this: one month ago pre trt, I changed my lifestyle. No booze, clean eating and calorie counting. TDEE is 2200 calories a day. I was religious in hitting that and the respective macros. After one month, weight stayed the same, body fat dropped almost 1% to 17% and lean muscle went up. I am trying to get down to 10% body fat ASAP but in a healthy manner. I am not too concerned about being a huge muscular guy but overall ripped. I am thinking to cut calories to 2000 a day, but will this severally impact the benefits of trt like lean muscle growth/development? Should I eat at a caloric surplus while on trt? Again, hoping to drop body fat while continuing to gain lean muscle slowly…

Outside of trt, I use creatine for a supplement and that’s it. I am in the gym for about an hour a day, 5 days a week and lift heavy. Yoga 5 days as well.

GSE will go very little.

Did you tell your doc that you want to be nearer to E2=22pg/ml? The E2 ranges are not health or quality of life determined, derived from a statistical normal curve from a population of “healthy” males that include fat estrogenic low-T males with metabolic disorder and males who have low thyroid function because stupid thyroid ranges mean that they are “normal”. So good luck getting past the medical mindset.

There really is not any evidence that alternatives to an AI are effective.

Fat is greatly affected by thyroid function and your thyroid LABS suggest some possible issues. Please check oral body temps as per the thyroid basics sticky and read all carefully if temps are low.
Have you always used iodized salt - to support thyroid hormone production?


As always thank you very much for your reply. My doc said that my 30 e2 level is higher than what he would like to see but to use this as baseline to my new TRT plan. We have next round of labs Feb 20th to see how everything is reacting 1.5 months in and make necessary changes at that point. I know that GSE will do very little but I figured to use it to help offset even a little bit of e2 spike and the other health benefits associated with it. During my next visit I will talk to him about wanting to get my e2 levels to 22. Potentially adding an AI.

For your thyroid inquiry, pardon my ignorance but what do you mean my “Thyroid meds?” .

As for the iodized salt inquiry, I try to limit salt intake as much as possible. Is this the wrong way of thinking?

I am a novice to all of this so I do appreciate your time and insight. Labs and body comp results (1 month ago & recent attached".

1 month ago.


Salt is not unhealthy! Many love the taste improvement of food+salt. However a few find that distasteful.

When someone has heart disease, high blood pressure, the arterial walls are stiff and do not expand to swallow each pulse of blood. Muscles around the arteries need to relax to allow expansion then contract to be ready for next pulse. Lost muscle tone can be the problem which does have a low-T connection. There can be damage to the arteries too. In these cases, you can reduce blood volume to reduce blood pressure. A salt free diet can reduce blood volume. But the mental leap from there to salt causing the problem is simply stupid. I have seen people with high blood pressure put on low sodium, causing iodine deficiency and low thyroid function and doctors are blind to the damage this causes and people go on this way because TSH is <5.5

You will soon not be singing “my doctor said” and standing up for your needs.

“Thyroid meds?” should have been “thyroid labs”, correcting above.