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32 Years Old, 5'10, 200Pounds


Hello. I am new to the forum and decided to post pics to get some honest feedback. Hopefully I wil find it here. I am 32 years old, have been lifting for 3 years at varying intensity off and on and have noticed some trends in my development that bug me. I get stronger but do not put on a lot of size anywhere but my back. I work hard at deadlifts and attribute it to this fact but have yet to figure out how to force that much growth anywhere else on my physique despite trainig with the same intensity on other exercises. Any feedback would be appreciated. I love lifting and would like to start seeing some real gains in my arms chest and shoulders.




wheels ?

And you say you would like to see gains in upper body portions but you do not want to see gains in the lower half ?


Keith Stone. So smooth, always.


Yeah, you got me, my legs suck. They only get hit through deadlifts and calf raises. My excuse has always been that they slow my recovery for deadlifts. I believe that they do.


My workouts have been 3 days a week. Monday is back day, 3x6 pullups, 10,8,6 one arm dumbell rows, 10,8,6 deadlifts, lately I have thrown in some cable rows at the end, 10,8,6. Also I hit abbs at the end, roman situps with a 10 pound exersice ball and knee raises. I usually super set these with 8 reps on the Roman chair situps and 15 reps on knee raises.

Tuesday is chest day. Flat bench, 10,8,6, incline dubell press 10,8,6, then weighted dips, 3x8 then 1 set to failure with body weight only.

I try to do light cardio on wensday and thursday and then Friday I work shoulders, triceps, and biceps.

Overhead dumbell presses, 10,8,6, lateral riaises 3x8, front raises 2x8, rear laterals 3x8.

Close grip bench 10,8,6, Dumbell tricep extentions 10,8,6,


Seated dumbel curles 10,8,6, preacher curls 10,8,6.

I finish off with abbs, same as Monday.

I take extremely short rest in between exercises ussually no more than 1 minute, sometimes none at all.

Nutrition is hard for me.

I eat well for 8 to twelve weeks at a time and then fall off the wagon for a month or so pretty consistently.

When I am eating well I shoot for 2,500 to 3,000 calories a day, the ussual stuff. Lots of grilled chicken, salmon, brown rice, whole grain bread , green beans, black beans. one or two glasess of 1% milk a day, tons of water and 1 whey protein shake a day.

To this point I have not used supplements because I am pretty paranoid about what I put in my body.



and youre right about the difference between your back and the front, like two diff people


The strange thing is that I am pretty freakin strong considering the lack of size. I have never done the 1 rep max thing but I work out with heavy ass weight, for me anyway. My dumbell shoulder presses go 65,70,75. for 10,8,6, good form and full range of motion. I work with 225, 230, 235 on my bench. again 10,8,6. preacher curls go 80, 85, 90, again 10,8,6. Close grip bench, 155, 165, 175. I use strict form and go slow on all of these. What would be contributing to my constantly gaining more strength than hypertrophy over the last 3 years?


You are the second person that has mentioned squats. The truth be told I hate doing squats because I am a little duck footed, my toes point out and squats hurt the hell out of my left knee as a result. I never saw real gains in my back until I started doing deadlifts two years ago and I have always assumed that deadlift were like squats, only better.

I suppose I should change my routine to a normal 3 day split and stick with it, one that includes squats.

Any suggestions on a good routine ?


The fact that you think those are good numbers is exemplary of why you arent big at all.

None of those numbers are strong. ESPECIALLY not after 3 years of lifting as an adult man.

You dont train your legs, you arent serious about any of this. Stop wasting peoples time


I think you should train 5-6 days a week like someone would who is serious about making progress.

If squatting hurts you should fix the problem, not bitch out. ALthough squatting isnt the be all end all of leg training, some variation of it is best for leg development

Oh and since no one has yet mentioned the obvious answer. You dont grow BECAUSE YOU ARENT EATING ENOUGH. Lack of food is also the reason you think you cant recover.

Please go read the stickied threads in the beginners forum


I appreciate the feedback. I joined this forum and posted because I do not wish to waste anymore time. I found a great training program and will give it a shot for the next few months or so. I will also start doing squats and up my food intake by at least a thousand calories a day. We will see what happens.

On a side note, after reading a really interesting article on this site I think may pieced together why my back has gains that far ecced the rest of my physic. Pull-ups and dead-lifts are both explosive in nature, everything else I do slow and controlled.
I will post back when I start to see some real progress. Thanks again.


Who told you those were strong lifts?


Strong for my size, as you see I am not a big guy. I have a medium build and have a hard time putting on muscle. I rarely see guys my size lift weights that are as heavy as I train with. So compared to a big guy, it sucks, compared to people with my frame and small build it is decent from what I have observed. I have always been like that though

. However I am stuck with a gym full of college kids that bench 175 and get exited about it. Keep in my mind, I have no ego about this situation and joined this forum to get away from the praise I recieve from people that are way less in shape than I am. The problem for a guy like me is that I am eager to do the work it takes but I just do not know what to do and have a hard time finding anyone to train with.

Guys that are a lot bigger than me have egos to match and are generally arrogant and unwilling to help out someone who is not on their level. I experienced this at the gym I used to belong to.

Also, I have been doing basically the same routine for three years now. This routine worked great for me for the first couple of years and I have been stuck since. I started out lifting again three years ago after getting into the wrst shape of my life. I weighed 220 and had not lifted in years. I now have way less bodyfat a lot more muscle than I did and simply need to understand how to take it up a level.

I now understand that I should have switched it up or implemented some sort of periodization but there is a pletherea of info on the internet and in magazines and most of it contradicts itself. I looked at the Ibodybuilder program a couple of days ago and thought that it made sense but then read other articles with coflicting approaches and methods of trainig.

For example I have read that if one is interested in paking on muscle then one should only lift 3 days a week doing whole body routines each of those three days. Others recomend working one body part a day five days a week, while others recomend complicated push pull splits. Some recomend that you never work your arms directly at all. I am tempted to do a 5 day split with 5X5 on everything for a while. I remeber enjoying that when I was a kid.

I also remeber getting pretty dense and strong although I did not grow much. I have also red that I am spinning my wheels doing isolation movement and that I should stick to barbell compound movements. It is a lot to digest and make sense of.


Strong for your size would mean benching a lot more than 1.2 * bodyweight, mate. To put it in perspective, there's a young powerlifter at my gym who benches 180kg at under 90kg bodyweight. That is strong.


Bro...you have to understand this is T-Nation! haha.. The average American is fat. You aren't in seasoned (cut) condition and don't look huge but lifting and working out should be about personal improvements and health. Your personal goals are yours. You own them...no one else does. If you want positive feedback concerning YOUR personal goals be careful how you phrase what you are asking on here.

Most people on here are interested in the total package of bodybuilding. Head to toe... huge and ripped. You are going to get advice concerning everything from carbs to protein and lifting to aerobics... and a lot of it will not be the same. You know what they say about opinions!

Fact is, common sense still applies at the end of the day to bodybuilding just like anything else. Eat more get bigger eat less get smaller. Challenge your muscles they will adapt to the demands. You wanna look like a bodybuilder...gotta lift like one *heavy with intensity. Wanna get bigger gotta eat! That's it bro. Most people fail due to lack of discipline and perseverance. Don't get too caught up in the hype.


I do not max that weight,I do sets with it. I have never maxed. My max should be a lot higher.


I think you came to the right place if you want to be motivated, no one will hold your hand here, but good advice is given if you ask in the proper manner. As Bonez said, you need to eat to fuel your body, and get some intensity.

Regarding your 'strong for my size' quote, I had a 6 month gym hiatus due to moving country and jobs, I've been back at the gym for 2 weeks and I lift more than you, weighing 40lbs less and with only 1 year of training before I had to stop. I'm not strong, you are definitely not strong. Get on it, impress us.


Irony= I started eating right and pushed myself harder than I ever have before last week, increased my deadlift rep weight by 20 pounds. I got 2 sets of 6 and one set of 5. I woke up sunday morning and looked down to notice a bulge above my groin, went to the doctor, turns out I have a inguinal hernia and I am scheduled for surgery March 15th. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good news is I just got back from the gym and had a great workout minus the deadlifts!


Just got back from surgery to have my inguinal hernia repaired.