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32 Years Old, 220 Pounds, Trying to Get Lean and Shredded


Are you insinuating that 32 is old? :rofl:


As an old fart, I’d probably recommend some classes because if you’ve been reading and hurt your back doing curls you need one on one guidance. Just me thinking


Nah no classes I need to get going, got overzealous. My back is fine now been lifting boxes all day just need a novice plan or an alternative to the full body workout posted. I like having a few options


“New Old School Circuit Training”


Go and actually read the article I linked. It has a novice plan. Its fullbody.


I have skimmed that article but never actually read it till now. It was awesome. A lot of good information. Thanks.


This is a great article. It’s kinda pissing me off that this dude won’t read it even though it’s exactly what he’s been asking for lol


I’m reading it lol


Just want to have a few choices and make a final decisions, thanks for your guys time I’m going to be reading these and making a decision


Dude get some balls and do it. There isn’t a buffet in your condition. You have prime rib with people offering you it for free and guiding you…when “their” knowledge is like dessert. Fucking do it!


The 5x5 one looks interesting
How do I progress it week to week (volume)
Do I keep the same weight on for every set or increase it?
When can I add a new exercise?


That ink’s gonna take a while.


Just move through the phases/test yourself as outlined

Just stick to those moves and make them really count. After all the phases(about 8 weeks?) move on to another template to get more excercises, like the ones already mentioned above or Dan John’s ‘Mass Made Simple’ if like that approach


Just curious because Dan doesn’t seem to mention it in the article (but I might very well have missed it): when do you progress from the first 8-6-4 workout to the 5x5 one?
[never mind about this, actually re rear the article and found it.]

Also, did he ever write an article about adapting this program to a single trainee? He says, for example, that rest periods depend on other athletes working with you.

I bookmarked this article and plan on trying the program(s) by the end of summer, so I’d like to understand it first. Also, are all the three sets supposed to be done with the same weight or can I increase it when lowering the reps?


Are you cutting right now because that was a lot of food analogies…haha


Dang it. I wasn’t going to come back to site but had to respond. Nah, I’m not cutting. I’m just stating it in food terms cuz I’m a recovering anorexic so I appreciate food! Thought it coorelated well.