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32 Year Old Beginner

Hello. I have been hiding on the sidelines, reading all of the amazing articles and posts found here on T-Nation. I have finally decided to get active and change my life.

I’m a 32 year old married man. I’m currently in the Navy…10 years in so far. I have never played sports, even in high school. At this time I weigh around 220-225 lbs at a height of 6 feet. I have around 18% bodyfat. Because I am in the military, I do have to maintain some physical fitness standards so I am not completely out of shape. Anyway, like I said, after reading all of this information, I want to make a change.

Last summer, I made Chief. The problem was, I was severely overweight and needed to lose it in order to be eligible for advancement. I did the Adkins Diet and was able to drop to 230 lbs. After that, I just made sure to “eat clean”. Whole grain complex carbs, lots of protein, good fats, and tons of water.

Now, I would like to work on my muscle mass and strength. I have been thinking of starting with Waterbury’s Big Boy Basics routine then following it up with ABBH I and ABBH II. I am wondering however if I need to drop some bodyfat first. Or, by building more muscle and strength, can I expect my bodyfat percentage to drop some since more muscle will help to burn fat? This is all assuming of course that I will be eating lots of good “clean” foods.

I will try to post some pics of myself to maybe help you all in giving me advice. Also, I am not a complete novice to lifting weights. I have lifted off and on since I was 16. Just never lifted heavy weights.

I tried the first day of Big Boy Basics today. I was able to do the 8 sets of 3 reps for the Bench Press using 185 lbs. I had no trouble completing the required sets at that weight. My goal is a bench of 300 lbs, deadlift of 400+, and squat of 300+. Is this even attainable? The other lifts I did today were:

seated rows: 165lbs
pull-ups with semi-supinated grip: bodyweight -20lbs (i used an assisted pullup station)
dumbell military press w/ semi-sup grip: 50 lb dumbells.

Sorry this is so long. I’m just very excited. =)

The best thing for you to do right now is build a solid foundation of muscle. This is done best by using a full-body workout. All sorts of routines can be found on the internet. You should also find some alternate routines that you can use while deployed. Start with the basic M-W-F schedule. It’s very important to build that foundation. Dont just jump in and start building mirror muscles. Build ALL of your muscles, including the ones that you CANT see.

Good luck, you seem to have a good attitude, and know what you want. So your already a million miles ahead of most of the other people who start threads in the begginers forum.