32 Y/O with Low T Symptoms, Considering TRT

Awesome to hear you are feeling good. I decided to make contact with Defy, so we will see how that goes (just filled out the questionnaire).

The whole thing scares me a bit, but I have to keep in mind that the health issues from low T seem worse than that of TRT.

Really for me fertility and keeping my hair are the big two. Hair so far at 30 y/o is as thick as when I was 15, so I am hoping I am good there. Fertility is a concern, but HCG is supposed to be pretty effective. Probably save some juice at the sperm bank though, just to be careful.

I was pretty anxious last week as I was making the final decision. But I was also aware that anxiety was a function of low - t as much as the decision itself.

I haven’t noticed any clear evidence fertility or hair loss is an issue with well managed, physiologic dose TRT.

Fertility is an issue with TRT if not using HCG. KSman seemed to think I should have no worries if using HCG.

With the hair loss, my understanding is that if you are going to go bald it will happen faster due to actually having normal T (which will convert to DHT in larger quantities than if you had low T).

I am thinking I am good with the hair stuff, but will invest in DHT blocking shampoo just in case.

Started T on the 19th. Doctor suggested 200mg T weekly and 2000iu weekly hcg, with some days between to smooth the curves. He knows I am active and is probably trying to give me a boost. However, I decided to start slower. My goal is to avoid sides and avoid using arimidex if possible.

Current routine is 120mg T and 800 iu HCG, split into 2 doses each, weekly. I want to see where this puts me … although I may go higher for summer and use arimidex as needed as I will be participating in sports and weightlifting about 10-15 hours weekly.

I have already noticed I am stronger, more energetic, less sore, and less wiped out after exercise. Awesome so far.

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Protocol 140mg T 800 hcg split twice per week since 19 Jun.

Started noticing some nipple symptoms 13 July, and probably crashed my e2 with adex thereafter. Dr. told me to take 3mg over 2 weeks. I stopped immediately once I realized I was low : Arimidex Advice?

I think I caught the E2 crash immediately but it was still awful for 2 weeks. Had to dial it back a lot because I felt considerably depressed.

Currently the depression is waning slowly but my chest is red and I’ve gained 5lb in ten days. I guessed my e2 was high at this point but I am experiencing mixed e2 symptoms. I read that some of the e2 receptors in the brain are slow to activate so it takes a while to recover from low e2 symptoms even when e2 is recovered or high.

I have been measuring my weight every am, and have noticed a very strong correlation to rapid changes in bodyweight and other e2 symptoms. Today I ran labs (full labs to be posted in 24h), but my E2 came back high as expected. Therefore it appears I gain 5lb in water from low e2 to high e2.

Therefore, I am going to use my weight as a primary marker to hone in my adex dose over the next few weeks. Also, it is likely I will be able to drop my T dose. Those results pending.

Low E2 symptoms for me: Tired, depressed, achy, dick doesnt work. High E2 symptoms: Irritable, flushed chest, gain water weight, dick doesn’t work optimally, acne, nipple issues.

What did your estradiol came back at? Looking forward to the rest of your labs.

Me too. Estradiol at 48 pg/ml. This is the standard test available in Canada. Best I can guess is knock ten points off for a sensitive test putting me around 38. This is two weeks after quitting adex - enough time for the adex to wash out and my E2 to bounce back. I expect e2 is still rising toward its equilibrium. Last night I took 0.25mg and noticed a significant weight drop overnight along with improved nocturnal erections and erection quality …

Honestly, Id go 6 weeks without AI and see how you are.

I had a high lab result, rapid water retention, and skin flushing all closely correlated in time. I have no doubt my nipples would be itching soon if I do nothing. My plan is instead to start sooner (now) with one third the dose (0.35mg weekly) vs. last time. I’ll monitor weight closely and ensure I don’t drop below the long term trend which is low E2 land.

Keep us posted.

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Got my labs. Literally nailed my doctors target of 42 nmol/L (1222 ng/dl) total test. My calculations of 140mg T and 800iu hcg weekly were right on. Note the varying units from USA

Cholesterol 4.18 2.00-5.19 mmol/L
LDL Cholesterol 2.49 1.50-3.40 mmol/L
HDL Cholesterol 1.30 >0.99 mmol/L
Chol/HDL (Risk Ratio) 3.22 <4.9
Non HDL Cholesterol 2.88 mmol/L
Triglycerides 0.85 <2.21 mmol/L
Thyroid Function
T4 Free 11.8 10.6-19.7 pmol/L
T3 Free 4.82 3.00-5.90 pmol/L
Adrenal Function
AM Cortisol 189 125-536 nmol/L
Reproductive and Gonadal
Estradiol 177 <157 pmol/L
Progesterone 0.7 0.4-1.8 nmol/L
DHEA Sulphate 7.7 <15.0 umol/L
Testosterone 42.4 8.4-28.8 nmol/L

I noticed all cholesterols are down and cholesterol risk ratio is also down.

Interestingly my T4 levels are down even though I am on 30mg desiccated thyroid. Perhaps T suppresses the thyroid in me. T3 is fractionally up. Either way the desiccated thyroid is keeping that about where it was.

Last week I took 600 iu extra hcg to raise my e2 faster since I’d been crashed. That will have raised my T result slightly, but the high estrogen yesterday will be reducing free T. Therefore I am going to keep my T at 140 and HCG at 800 until next labs. Will dial my adex over the next couple days based on symptoms and body mass.

Hey @abstracted thanks a lot for the detailed information into your journey thus far. I actually just created an account here so I could reply to you. I’m in Canada as well and am similar in just about every way, although you have 2" on me :stuck_out_tongue:.
I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding a doctor that will help. It’s taken me years, but I was finally able to convince by GP to refer me. So I have an appointment coming up with an endo as well as one with a well known men’s health advocate in Burlington. So, I’m currently very hopeful that at least one of these doctors will help me out.
It sounds like you’ve had good luck though with finding doctor’s, care tell me who you’ve used?

Dr is Wes Wolychuk (google him.)

How are you doing? Are you on the same protocol? You seem to have responded very well to trt. I wish I could say the same!

Have you ever had your SHBG tested? I think you lucked out since twice per week pins are optimal and you dont appear to have had SHBG tested.

Forgive me for being blunt, but how or why did you come to live in thailand?

I work online so I have spent last 12 years living all over the world. Phuket is great for fitness and getting in shape so currently here for the next year then off to Columbia :slight_smile:

Thats awesome. I envy people who are able to do that. You were receiving trt in Thailand? And you will in Colombia? I bet you can get it for cheap in both locations. I hear Colombia has great healthcare too.