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32 Y/O with Low T Symptoms, Considering TRT


Awesome to hear you are feeling good. I decided to make contact with Defy, so we will see how that goes (just filled out the questionnaire).

The whole thing scares me a bit, but I have to keep in mind that the health issues from low T seem worse than that of TRT.

Really for me fertility and keeping my hair are the big two. Hair so far at 30 y/o is as thick as when I was 15, so I am hoping I am good there. Fertility is a concern, but HCG is supposed to be pretty effective. Probably save some juice at the sperm bank though, just to be careful.


I was pretty anxious last week as I was making the final decision. But I was also aware that anxiety was a function of low - t as much as the decision itself.

I haven’t noticed any clear evidence fertility or hair loss is an issue with well managed, physiologic dose TRT.


Fertility is an issue with TRT if not using HCG. KSman seemed to think I should have no worries if using HCG.

With the hair loss, my understanding is that if you are going to go bald it will happen faster due to actually having normal T (which will convert to DHT in larger quantities than if you had low T).

I am thinking I am good with the hair stuff, but will invest in DHT blocking shampoo just in case.


Started T on the 19th. Doctor suggested 200mg T weekly and 2000iu weekly hcg, with some days between to smooth the curves. He knows I am active and is probably trying to give me a boost. However, I decided to start slower. My goal is to avoid sides and avoid using arimidex if possible.

Current routine is 120mg T and 800 iu HCG, split into 2 doses each, weekly. I want to see where this puts me … although I may go higher for summer and use arimidex as needed as I will be participating in sports and weightlifting about 10-15 hours weekly.

I have already noticed I am stronger, more energetic, less sore, and less wiped out after exercise. Awesome so far.