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32 Y/O Male with Low Free and Total Testo

hi everyone,

could you pls explain what is wrong with me ?

age 32
lifting since 2006 , havent used any aas
weight 200lbs
height 5ft8
waist :40
body facial hair : avarega
carry fut : belly

cbc : ok
glucose :94.3mgdl 74—106
creatinin: 1.1mg/dl 0,7----1.2
colestrol :130.5 mg/dl below 200
ldl : 77,6 mg/dl
ast:24,6u/l 5-----40
alt : 26u/l 5-----41
albumin:5.3 3.5----5.2
sodium na :135.7mmol 136-----145
free t3: 3,12pg/ml 2,04-----4,4
free t4 : 1,25 ng/dl 0,3------1,71
tsh:2,81uıu/ml 0,27----4,2
total psa : 1,3 ng/dl 0------1,4
estradiol e2: 31,6 pg/ml 25,8—60,7
homa ır : 2,44
insulin : 10,42 uıu/ml 2,6-----24,8
vit d oh 25: 34,01 30-----150
cortisol :11,77 ug/dl 6,24------18
LH : 4,8 mıu/m 1,7------8,6
Prolactin: 16,41 4,04------15,2
Total Testo : 372ng/dl 340-------805
Free Testo :6,73 8,8------42,5
DHT:460,18 250------990
FSH: 4,05 mıu/m 1,5------12,4
SHBG: 31,8 nmol 13,5----71,4
free PSA:1,21 ng/ml 0--------4
ıgfbp3 : 7,14 3,5-------7

what should ı do now ? firstly ı want to inject vit d3 and lose fat.

LH/FSH are decent so pituitary seem to be working okay but T is low so could be a dysfunction in both the pituitary and testes. Take 5000-10000 IU Vit-D supplement.

Have you had your testes examined? Could be a vascular problem that’s hindering hormone production.

tks for your answer, ı already started to get vit d3 supplementation.I havent tested testes , ı will do it asap.Do ı need to MRI for pituitary also?

btw, what about elevated prolactin and albumin levels ?

Don’t think your pituitary is displaying any serious problems, in case of adenoma LH/FSH are way lower and prolactin is higher than 100 units if it’s an prolactin secreting adenoma.

Did you hug any babies or puppies or had an orgasm any time close to having your blood taken? Did you get this tested around 8-10am?

My first impression is that testes are weak as LH and FSH are not particularly normal but as I said its possible that both are dysfunctioning to varying degrees as a fully functioning pituitary should be cranking out more LH/FSH to contend with low T.

TSH is elevated. KSman will be able to help you more with that.

Please read the stickies. Finding a knowledgable doctor is the biggest hurdle for us. Most will send you away saying you’re in range and it’s an absolute travesty.

yes ı got the test around 9.00 and ı had an orgasm in that night.actually in all my life ı always think that my testes are smaller , ıs there any method that ı can measure it myself or ı need to see doc ?

hope also KSman will help me soon.

TSH is high. Read the thyroid thread. Consider supplementing iodine with iodoral.

Prolactin bears watching.

Your LH and FSH are higher than I’d expect to see if you are secondary hypogonadism.

You might consider addressing your thryoid issue and then reassessing the hypogonadism after.

50mg daily iodine and 200mcg selenium daily will be ok ? and how many weeks ı need to continue to these pills ? until tsh comes down around 1.00 ?

TSH=2.8 should be closer to 1.0
Could be from not using iodized salt. - others in home affected?
Post oral body temperatures as suggested in the thyroid basics sticky.
Check wife’s temperatures too.

50mg iodine for two weeks then 6mg once a week thereafter.
If guts get upset, take less for longer.

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Total cholesterol is ideal around 180. Below 160 is associated with increased all-cause mortality. Your DHEA-S may be low which could affect DHEA–>T inside the testes. Change diet to increase cholesterol. Some guys simply have this problem. If DHEA-S labs low, you can take 25mg DHEA.

Are you taking a statin drug?

Thyroid problems easily contribute to fat gain and low energy.

Why test IFG bp3 and not test IGF-1 to eval GH status?

E2 is very high relative to your FT.
Ask for 0.5mg/week anastrozole now if not doing TRT immediately.
For that dosing, dissolve in vodka and dispense by the drop after counting drops per ml.

Take 5000-6000iu Vit-D3 oral.

actually ı dont know ıf others affected or not about iodine defficieny.we use salt with iodine always.

I dont take any statin drug.Actually ı wanted to test my ıgf1 but when ı went to hospital, ı forget it to test.For my next test ı will also get ıgf1 and dhea. Should ı add any other test ?

about anastrozole, how many weeks ı need to take ?

as you can see on my test, prolactin is also high, do ı need to do anything to decrease prolactin ?

btw, do ı need to MRI for pituitary and test my testes ?

ı will do what you advise me asap, tks

ı have checked my body temperature today.

morning :95,18F
midday :96.8F

so what is the problem now ? low iodine intake ? how can ı assure low iodine intake ? do ı need to do any test ?

google “iodoral”. It’s cheap.

ı just visit the doc today, she looked my values and told me everything is okey, you need to go urologist cause she cant do anything ıf your testosterone levels within range and also she told me ı havent got primary hypogonadism cause , ıf you have primary hypogonadaism, your lh and fsh will be too high like 70-80 …ı dont know what to do now, pls check my result and help me

creatinine–1.31 0.84----1.3
total protein–8,74 6,6-----8,3
urea–41 17------43
alt : 35 0—45
bun/cre: 14,63

tsh: 1,98 0,38----5,33
free t4:0,82 0,58—1,25
anti tpo:1,1 0—9
fsh: 4 1,3----19
lh:2,71 1,24----8,60
prolactin:10,99 2,64----13,13
estradiol : 32 10—52
Progesteron:1,44 0,28—1,22
TT :333 241----827
Corstiol :15,34 6,7----22,6
dhea-so4:401 167----591
GH: 0,23 0—3

isnt Growth Hormone also too low ? ı just made all these test at 8.00am

I haven’t seen anyone on here with LH/FSH as high as your doctor indicates. She’s clearly not qualified to prescribe TRT, etc.

I think you could see improvement with a SERM + AI. Your E2 is about at the upper range of what would be comfortable for me, increasing your T will only drive it higher.

ıs ıt possible to understand whether ım primary or secondary via fsh and lh level ?