32 Y/O Diagnosed w/ Low T and Have Questions - Cyp


Looong story short, 32yr old male who has been experiencing symptoms of Low T since mid-late 20’s. General Docs would laugh it off. Finally found a Doc who would give me the time of day and ran blood work. Sure enough, diagnosed with Low T. Prescribed 160mg of Cyp, once a week. Follow-up blood work mid Feb. I am attaching the labs & a body comp test that I did recently. Very active, work out 4+ times a week and eat very clean. A few questions:

-I have a 2000mg/10ml bottle, Doc said 10 doses @ .8ML so 160mg a week. If I do 10 doses @ 160, that comes out to be 1600mg, leaving 400 on the table. Why wouldn’t I do 200mg/week? AM I looking at this right?

-Should I inject 2x a week to level off T? I see arguments for both.

-My Doc said no need for HCG or AI yet, until he see how my levels work out in mid Feb. Kind of concerns me as I do not want gyno/crazy estrogen. Thoughts?

-I am not doing this for a complete steroidal effect but obviously would love to improve body/muscle results. Do you think 160mg-200mg week will assist?

-Lastly, I had to wrestle with my insurance company to cover this and am not covered until end of 2017. When that time rolls around and my test levels are up/high, will they not cover me anymore generally? I get that this is a LIFE battle and I don’t want to left high and dry by Medica… Or do they recognize that this is an on-going thing and will continue to cover? Thoughts? Thank you!

Your life will change big time at 200mg/wk. Split them into 2 doses of 1 ml every Weds and Sunday (or whatever works best for you) . He’s wrong about the AI (most Drs are), if you can’t convince him, then there are liquid AIs that work pretty good. Usually advertised as research chemicals. Look for anastrozole. I think KSMan’s recommended dose is 1 mg/100mg of Test (confirm this by looking at his posts)

Edited: Looking at your labs, your E2 is already a little high at 30. The target is 22-25. So I definitely would recommend an AI

If he prescribed 160mg per week, thats where I would start, split 2x per week. If you take 200mg per week and your bloods come back high he will most likely lower your dose.

Also, more does not always equal better. The higher the dose, the more you have to worry about estrogen conversion.

Oh, And I would stockpile any extras for a later time :slight_smile:

Pre TRT E2 was ~30
On TRT target is near E2=22pg/ml
Doc should have Rx anastrozole from the beginning.

Do not race towards 200mg/week. 160 is often excessive

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Your LH/FSH were low. Cause not determined. Can be from low thyroid function and/or over training.

Iron levels can change a lot. HTC and RBC look good. But ferritin would be better for iron status. Males typically only have low iron if there is a GI bleed, that can be detected with an occult blood test.

Low cholesterol can be a problem.

Eval your overall thyroid function via oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky.

You are gonna want an AI with a starting E2=30. It will go up higher when you inject T, esp 160 or 200mg. I agree with most here, 160 is all I would start with. That will get you to the top of the scale. You might have problems with thick blood on 160 and definately with 200mg/wk, and have to give blood to thin out your blood.

I just started 4 weeks ago and doc put me on 210mg/week. I thought the higher the better. If some is good, more is better, right? Wrong! Felt like superman for the first week, then felt like absolute garbage for the next week, and now have been feeling good again since lowering my dose from 210mg once a week to 52.5mg twice a week. So I can attest to “more is not better”. Especially without an AI and a pre-TRT E2 of 30. My pre-TRT E2 was 21.6 and my doc prescribed 1mg of anastrazole/week. I also take HCG, which I think you should look into to prevent nut shrinkage.

Do lots of reading.

Good luck, and keep us updated!

Thank you a ton gents! I will start to split doses to twice weekly and will wait to next labs to request AI. Much appreciated!