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32 Y/O, 74kg Looking for Advice

I’ve been working out for a few years now, usually 4 days a week and mostly doing upper/lower splits for 45-60 minutes per session (about 5-6 exercises).

I currently weigh between 72-74kg (178cm tall) and I have always been a lighter build with narrow shoulders. I used to cycle competitively but now it’s just a couple of easy rides each week (I weighed 63-65kg when I raced 3 years ago). I’m eating in surplus and I’m glad that I’ve managed to add 10 or so kgs. I’d like to put on some more size but when I do it always seems to go to my belly, despite being quite lean elsewhere and working out hard.

I feel like my strength is reasonable for my size without being anything to write home about: 85kg bench, 105kg squat and 130kg deadlifts, all for 5x5 and with good form.

I would love to know whether there are any particular aspects that I need to focus on. I’ve attached a recent pic of my normal build for context.

Unless I read to quickly your current goal is to add more size without belly fat. From the pics and your lifts I would say focus more on lower body. Your squat should be much higher than your bench and your legs look small. Building stronger wheels will add mass alone but lead to more CNS conditioning for heavier weight and probably eventually upper body will grow too.

For narrow-shouldered guys, if the lower chest is overdeveloped relative to the upper, it will cause them to look even narrower. IMO, you are on the precipice of this unwelcome scenario. Thus, I would recommend you emphasize upper chest almost exclusively until this is no longer an issue.

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