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32 Weeks of Work

32 weeks of building from day after last MPD show at 179 and 6% (BIA tested) to this past sunday at 204lbs and 11.3% (BIA tested) 6’2" for those curious. been working with Scooby since day 1 and so far the gains in strength have been stellar! scale still climbing slowly but moving up just the same. he does my full diet plan and supps and i do my workout plans.

Not to put any kind of damper on your parade, but I’m just curious: the numbers you gave mean you would have had 10.74 pounds of fat at your last show, and would be carrying 23.05 pounds of fat now, meaning that of the 25 pounds you’ve gained in 32 weeks, about half of that weight gain is fat. I presume, then, that you find a 1:1 ratio of lean tissue vs. fat gain acceptable, reasoning that you’ll be able to cut a higher percentage of fat than lean tissue when it is time to cat?

I meant to post these current pictures right after the inital shot. My bad!

Oh and to be clear, my bodyfat as taken via BIA (Omron handheld) in the first shot morning after the show. This shot was also done the same way under the same conditions this Sunday morning. Typo on my part, I was 10.6% not 11.3%…that was last week Sunday’s reading.

The numbers are a nice gauge and Scooby uses them to chart my progress objectively as do I bet the pictures are the real deal as that is what MPD comes down to, looks, not % and numbers…outside of height class that is.

33 weeks of building pics. 203lbs even. sorry for less then par picture/lighting. taken in the head of a moving us aircraft carrier proves a little difficult…as does taking an accurate weight for that matter. currently at 2600kcals lift days and 2300 rest days per scooby’s reccomendations.

from today post lift. amazes me how much ones physique can flux from the am pre lift and pre food to evening, post eating and lifting. look 20x leaner in this shot taken at 8pm post arms vs the prior shots from 2 sunday’s back. both a 205lbs

There is improvement between you first pic and this one. Truthfully, I think you have a lot of room to grow but you’re on the right track. Keep up the good work!

you look like a skinnier Art Artwood

[quote]mntnbiker wrote:
you look like a skinnier Art Artwood[/quote]

Had to google this guy. Apparently he lived/died about 10 minutes from where I lived at the time.

You look pretty solid in that last pic. No ab definition.Nice vascularity.