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315x3 Deadlift 14 Years Old

hi I am navid,

This is my 1 week of my cycle going backyard meet 2 , this will be my third meet and I am hoping to go around 1100+ in knee sleeves at 198

My programming is done by the amazing Josh Bryant, nutrition by Steven m. Coyne and I turn 15 in 3 weeks …

Just though I would introduce myself ! I Love the T-Nation community

Hi, welcome to the forums!
Looks like you have plenty of advice and support available to help you progress, so no doubt you’ll do well if you are dedicated.
Lift Well!

Have you gone through puberty yet?

[quote]smallmike wrote:
Have you gone through puberty yet?[/quote]

Lol maybe I guess, not really sure voice has dropped I have facial hair but I am still in the process I think