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315X1 Front Squat


i think my form is decent. it wasn't has heavy as i thought it would be.


Nice one! But you could have gotten more weight up with a wider stance :wink:


Awesome job.
Looked like you had about 5 reps in you though!!


Well done, but I would really start getting in some serious mobility work for those ankles, get off those damn plates, and get some depth, man! Seriously, it doesn't look that badass when you've got your heels up on 10 lb. plates, so do your myofascial release work, mobility drills pre-lower days, and yes, open your stance up a bit.

Keep workin!


You weigh 180lbs at average height and average sedentary bodyfat, after 5 years of "training". No one cares if you think someone should do "myofascial release work" or "mobility drills", because you very likely can't squat what the OP can.

There are national level and pro bodybuilders that squat with their heels on plates. But I guess that still makes it "wrong"?


lolz and he's a personal trainer


Did I ever say he was "wrong?"...please tell me where I said that in my post. Additionally, I am not a bodybuilding level personal trainer, rather I work with post-rehab clients getting them functional into the real world, in addition to fat loss training for general fitness clients.

So much for a friendly and supportive comment to help a guy move forward. And yes, I can squat as much as the OP did, without the need for the plates at just below parallel, so I can hold my own, thanks.

And EEU, I greatly appreciate the fantastic use of grammar with your "lolz"...makes you look uber internet cool.

Say what you want about my body/physique as of this point, I'll accept that, but don't question my intelligence, guys.


Okay then we'll make this fair. You upload of a video of you front squatting 315 below parallel, with your uber awesome form (and feel free to include your mobility drills in there!)

And I'll do the same. Sound good?


did it ever occur to you that perhaps he was just trying to get more quad stimulation by using the plates?

there was an article written here a few months ago that suggested front squats with heels elavated by plates, did you read it?


Once I can get my hands on a video camera, deal...don't own one or have friends who have one that I know of at the moment. You can stop being a dick, too, btw...what's so wrong with me trying to help a guy out? I was happy for the guy, geez.


why do people walk out of the "safety area" when using a squat rack? it's the same with putting the hooks on the outside of the power cage when squatting. i don't get it. those pieces of equipment are designed like that for safety purposes, no? especially when using a close to max weight.

plus you're making yourself walk out further.


What part of North Carolina are you in, and what gym do you go to?


great squat Op..

I think/hope this thread will end up being bigger than both of us though..


That was some good Squatting though bro, Good Video


IF you squat wider than the cage allows, you gotta move out.


NEVER going to happen. I've seen that comment^^ probably 50 times with no video or pics of whatever is in question ever actually showing up.



It's pretty easy to dump the barbell if you mess up a front squat though. I've ended up doing a Zercher squat after one botched 1RM attempt. If it was a back squat I'd agree with you.


I do it because if I have any serious weight on, I do not want to chance clipping the cage or pins when I am unracking or reracking the bar. If I am outside the cage, I can always get someone to spot me or just dump the bar if something happens.

If I get knocked off balance with 400+ and am inside the cage, I could get pinned between the barbell and the cage.


It doesn't look "bad ass"?

Maybe he doesn't care to look bad ass because he's secure in his accomplishments. I find it is harder to squat with heels elevated because you are excluding more help from your posterior chain. I can go heavier flat footed, but I get the best quad workouts from elevated.

Heels elevated does NOT make it easier, but does save your ankles.


Awesome job dude! You made it look easy.