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315lbs Bench PR @ 169lbs Bodyweight


Feels great to finally have a 3 plate bench. Aiming for four plate squat tomorrow


Nice job. I like that you unracked it yourself.


Strong lift, nice job.


the feeling of a 3 wheel bench is pretty awesome




Great rep


Great stuff! Post your squat once you hit it.


thanks guys! just did my squat today. Was more difficult than I thought it was going to be, but heck it was a 40lb PR from my last 1RM two months ago! here is the video


Awesome lifts, man. What's your training look like? I am 5'11'' and usually between 165 - 168 lbs. I can't seem to break a 330 lb. squat, so I'm looking for some help. Any advice for me?


Nice squat really good depth , you could put that in the insane grinders thread.




Nice squat as well man. I had to replay it to make sure you didn't actually go back down, but you didn't. Just a crazy grind. Way to stay with it.


Crazyyyy grind man, but noneoftheless a great job and push!


You ever considered a low-bar wide-stance squat?


I was recently on Madcow 5x5 for a couple months, but other than that I am usually on an Upper/Lower split.
The best advice I can really say is eat more, and squat more often. Look for ways to improve your form each and every day because even the smallest tweaks can increase your poundage by a lot. Oh, and do mobility work too hehe

^^^^ Appreciate it, guys!!

I've tried it several times, but it feels way too awkward for me despite playing around and tweaking form. High bar squats, on the other hand, feels really natural