315 Snatch, 425 Bench, 6 min mile by 15/8/2011

Strong lifting in here man. Great physique as well. Keep on keeping on.

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We’re similar on some lifts … but what really bugs me is your bench. I know I suck at the lift. Our OHP is identical, but I could probably bench 325. So disappointing ;)[/quote]

What bugs me is I have a big bench but my overheads suck![/quote]

Im the same way. My bench isnt as good as yours, but i can hit seated BB overhead press for like 3 sets of 5 or 6 with 185, yet can bench 245 for 10 with relative ease. I hate when i have a really good bench day and hit some new Pr’s and then go into shoulders the next day and still struggle with the same weight ive been doing for a month ha

And also, we are the same height and you are only 5 lbs more than me (and both decently lean) yet your lifts are a lot stronger than mine. Brutal strength you got there