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315 for 20 Reps, Then 405 for 15


and THEN 500 for 3


Fucking NUTS!!!


Those are some serious reps and I don't know how he went up to 405 after the first set, but those squats weren't even parallel. The reps with 500 were even higher up from parallel. Still impressive lifting though.


That was some high bar squatting. I cant understand why he would like the bar that high on the neck. A little bit dangerous on the form. Not quite parallel, but pretty good... the dude has some strong legs.


I agree, nice lifting endurance wise but drop all those reps a couple more inches and he don't get 20 / 15 / and 3. Also, we don't know how much time between the 315 and the 405; I don't think the 500 at the end is a big deal endurance wise.


That is an awesome display of some hard work on a big basic exercise. Yes, they are not quite to parallel but they are still extremely result producing.(Compare it to the guys in the background playing with the medicine ball). If the majority of new trainees devoted the time and effort to get to a point where they could do that, there would be a lot more big and strong guys walking around.


Did anyone else think the guy in the background with the medicine ball was pretty hilarious?


I love the guys that come out of the woodwork with the "those weren't parallel!" comments. For his purposes, they were certainly deep enough.

Thats Rhadi Ferguson, a former member of the US Olympic Judo team, and one of the most explosive athletes on the face of the Earth. Im sure he has no interest in putting a protractor/ruler under his ass to see if he is 1.25 inches above parallel on a few reps. He is interested in developing the ability to repeatedly explode in movements relative to his sport.

Similar comments were being made about Tiki Barber training and it just makes you wonder ...


I have been to IHP and seen his workouts in person. His legs are massive, and his workout intensity is inspiring.


I want to see more people devote hard work like this to good old squats. I don't think I could add anything to what has already said, but they should have moved the camera over to the right a bit. LOL


ahahahahah, I meant to comment about them before. The were actually distracting in a funny way! hahaa


I've started highbar squatting. It's a good change to the lower "powerlifting" squat. Lower the weight and try 'er out!


I've always highbar squatted, and the amazing thing about this guy is that he's using his back so much. At some points it looks like his head is actually in front of his feet. He's probably got crazy spinal erectors, but it looks like he's one or two bad reps away from screwing his back up.


LOL, i had to go back and watch it a second time, he looked pretty funny!!! lol!!!!!!


The 315 for 20 is the most impressive b/c his depth is closest to parallel. And 20 rep sets kill you. I think I could hit 275 for 20 and then would want to lie down for 10 mins.

The 405 reps were okay, just pretty far from parallel. The 500 reps were 1/2 squats.

I've actually noticed it is harder for me to parallel squat than full squat now that I'm used to full squat.




^Try paused full squats.


Same with me. Part of it is probably just lack of practice.

On the other hand, I think that form for full squat and parallel/PL squat should be different. Trying to stop a full squat half way is hard and ugly. They're supposed to be done with your ass going straight down and going all the way.

Parallel squats, however, should be done with an an ass back motion, so your hams are fully stretched in the parallel position.

Just my opinion.


Dude, take a valium...no need to white knight it to his rescuse; they were valid comments. Everyone said they were impressive and any ensuing critique is sometimes just an observation - not a condemnation or an evaluation of his training methods...someone made the comment that its insane - it was NOT insane at all...it would have been insane had he broke parallel b/c then the feat would have been truly impressive. Otherwise, its not all that impressive. That doesn't mean he aint a strong, or as you put it explosive, mo fo...or, that he isn't training correctly for his sport...it just is what it is...an observation. 20 ,15 and 3 above parallel squats to me is NOT impressive at those weights...well, let me qualify that - depending on how long rest between the 315 and 405, the 405 - even half assed for 15 WAS impressive. I think folks were more reacting to the characterization that it was "insane" rather than what the guy was actually doing or his performance. Lighten up! And before you attack me, yes, I can do 315 for 20 - legal and without a belt - not sure about the 405 for 15 but I'm all fast twitch and I assure you I get the 500x3 legal. The only thing that would challenge me is that 405 for big reps.

Now feel free to flame me and tell me he'd whip my ass, etc. LOL. But before you do, I'm just telling you I don't think anyone here (at least I wasn't) intended to criticize the guy - they just made observations.

And yes, I agree with you, unless you're a powerlifter ( I am ) or a bodybuilder, the parallel or below parallel squat thing is overrated. When I played pro-b ball, my vert was 40" and I lived on partial jump and explosive squats and I never went to parallel. So we do agree in spirit.


stop the bickering please.

its a ridiculous show of athleticism

from a very impressive athlete.

full squat.

half squat.

bulgarian-triple-ply-double-dipped chocolate-chip squat.

Doesn't really matter unless you can do that with 100lbs more.


Mmmmmm...that sounds good :slight_smile: How about 20-rep rock bottom breathing squats with 162.5 kilos.