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315 Bench Challenge


Saw a couple takers so maybe this will finally motivate us to crush the 315lb barrier. Challenge is very simple, bench press 315 once. First to do it wins.


We just gotta decide whether this is comp style or touch and go. I’d prefer comp style, but if majority wants TNG then we’ll do that. From what I can tell all of us bench in the upper 200s so this should be a really good challenge. Anyone else is free to participate.

Edit: Challenge is officially using TnG. Feel free to pause it for extra cool points though :slight_smile:

Also, be smart about it. Don’t tear a pec for a challenge with no prizes.


Lol I’m miles away but ok


IN as well but still got a ways to go lol (at least for competition style that is)

On a good day i think im good for 275-280 touch and go


Comp style or TNG? I normally train paused but the good thing about TNG is that it gets rid of all the pause length discrepancies.

@kckfl349 haha man were at pretty much the exact same level this should be good


Also, if you can hit a pause rep with 315 you could def hit 315 touch and go lol


TnG works for me. It takes the pause question out of the debate. Clever film adjustments could make a TnG look like a pause. :joy:


Alright majority in favour of TNG. TNG it is!


I tore my pec again reading this.


I’d like to emphasize that there is no prize for winning. Similarly to other challenges on this forum, or any form of exercise in general for that matter, be smart about it. Don’t attempt 315 if you press 235 for 5 reps. I think anyone who’s close enough to a 315 bench should have a reasonable idea of when they’re able to hit certain weights.