315-405 Bench Training Thread

Yesterday i decided to do something alittle different to mix it up :slight_smile: I went with some pauses on bench day. It went something like this…

135 for 8 no pause

205x8 about a 2 second pause on all pauses for me today just fyi

245x6 pause

275x3 pause

275x3 pause

295x1 pause

295x1 pause

Also i squated tuesday the 18th i think it was. I know this should prob be mostly for benching but i got something that some of you might find interesting.

The week before i squated and let me tell you, it felt awkard the whole time. It felt like i was going to pull a groin or something and took some time thru the workout for it to about work its self out but even than it still felt wierd.

So tuesday for me is squat day and well sure enough my first set felt awkard again and i really feel i do a good job stretching or so i thought. Well after my first set i was kinda getting concerned and than i remembered reading about jogging for about 5 minutes before squating to help loosen your legs up.

So i gave it a shot and i gotta tell ya, i will now always and forever jog before squat day for 5 minutes. My workout went something like this just fyi

135x8 (warmup)




315x 6



Oh and does it really matter how far apart your feet are? I been using a really wide stance. Feet are about 3 inches past shoulders. (if that makes any sense) Also i just can’t believe how much better i felt after i started squated after jogging!!

[quote]TKOWKD1 wrote:
Can I also join this contest?

Current max: 350 at 200 BW.

Personal goal: 405 RAW!
Here’s the kicker, I don’t want to gain additional weight.

Deadline: Dec 31, 2007, my first baby is due in Jan 2008.

Condition: Keep your tubs of Surge, I offer Pride and Honour.

Cheers, TKO


Grats ! I love beign a father !

I’m placing my bets against you both, so it’s a sure-win either way.

Nah, just kidding. Good luck to you both. My goal is 405 also, only I’m hoping to hit that by my own birthday (Nov 15th).

haha i love how so many ppl have the same goal because whaddia know…MY GOAL is 405 ALSO, and I’m hoping to hit it only a couple of months after being 18 years old. I wanted to do it before I turned 18, but that’s not gonna happen. Best of luck to all of us!

Dreaded we’re at the same weight-ish I’m also in the high 190’s.

Well, Saturday I got hit and my car is totaled. Luckily school is only a 30 minute walk away from my apartment, and work is only 20 minutes. This means that I’ll be adding about 14 hours of walking to my weekly schedule until I figure out what I’m going to do. Free conditioning! Woo hoo!

With that in mind, I’m switching back to 3x week fullbody workouts to manage my time better. So I’m switching to good old 5x5, here was day 1.

Squat 315 5x5 (Need to go higher next time)

Bench 185x5, 205x5, 225x5, 245x5, 265x3

Pendalay Row 135x5, 155x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5 (I keep trying to start with my hips, all those deadlifts lol)

So in conclusion;
1.) I feel pretty beat.
2.) I need to start eating more.

I hurt my both of my wrists on Saturday night. So I went to the gym in my school on monday to see if it would affect my bench.


Moderate pain, all my joints are killing me. So I decided to take a week off from lifting.

My chest day was complete garbage this week

feeling like crap at this point, decided to do 100 reps with 255 and go home.

Got up to 40 reps and felt even worse, I decided to end my chest day, and take out my anger on rack pulls from the knee for the hell of it.

585x0 failed
585x0 failed

I really really wanted 6 plates ohh well I can do it in a month if I start doing rack pulls every week I bet. I also found out that my weakness is definitely off the floor considering that the most I have ever deadlifted is 450.

End of workout, man I really let out some frustration on those rack pulls.

Are you guys still alive?

These are must reads if you haven’t already.



After my last post I think my shoulder was injured, so I took a month off from any pressing.

Then I started Smolov JR for bench. Sounded like a good idea to work my way back, high frequency, low volume, low-moderate intensity.

Week 1:
Monday: 6x6 215
Wednesday: 7x5 230
Friday: 8x4 245
Saturday: 8x3 260 2x3 250 (failed on set 8)

Week 2:
Monday: 6x6 225
Wednesday: 7x5 240
Friday: 8x4 255 (Felt pain in my left pec on 7th and 8th set)
Saturday: Rest, didn’t want to injure my pec

Week 3:
Monday: rest
Wednesday: rest
Friday: 10x3 275 Felt good, thankfully.

Bah… so I think I am finally back to my strenght pre-shoulder pain. I hope the rest of you are making much better progress than me. I’m gonna keep up this routine for another 3 weeks or so… or however long my body tells me I can take it.

Ohh yes, and I’m not retarded, I am doing plenty of back, legs, and prehab, just too lazy to list it. I have even made great strides in flexibility I can almost full squat now.

405 isn’t hard to reach. The average person’s 1RM goes up around 30 pounds every 6 weeks. That’s what I’m been seeing in my weightlifting class including me.

[quote]sed26 wrote:
405 isn’t hard to reach. The average person’s 1RM goes up around 30 pounds every 6 weeks. That’s what I’m been seeing in my weightlifting class including me.[/quote]

So the average persons bench press goes up 245 pounds a year. You must be some kind of genius or very untrained. Please show me all these common raw 405 presses.

I really cant imagine too many people being able to add 30lbs in 6 weeks for any sustained period of time. Maybe a real novice, or a really serious lifter coming back from a long long break. Even with all the ‘products’ available from hormones to supplements that seems absolutely insane

or maybe my training is wayyyyyy fucked up

[quote]sed26 wrote:
405 isn’t hard to reach. The average person’s 1RM goes up around 30 pounds every 6 weeks. That’s what I’m been seeing in my weightlifting class including me.[/quote]

That doesn’t contnue forever, or even for a while. I remember thinking psh newbie gains my ass, I’m superman! and then progress slowed down considerably. I could see someone putting 150 lbs on their bench for the first year of training, with damn good training and alot of eating. After that though it is going to slow down, alot.

I think for someone natural, and raw, benching 405 is a pretty good mark to hit. It isn’t very hard, but it definitely isn’t easy. How many people have you ever seen bench 405, in a gym? I think I have seen 2.