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310lb+, Dropped Weight, Leaning Out. Goal: Bodybuilding


Hey, so I’m looking to get some advice on my progress thus far. when I began my journey seriously 3 1/2 years ago when I stepped on the scale and realized I had hit 310lbs at the age of 18 and at that time I was around 35% BF. From that moment on I quit my horrible job and found something way more active. I started going to gym 6 days a week. and eating as best as possible. Fast forward 9-12months I had dropped down to 240lbs 17.5% BF. I was doing quite well and everything was going smooth but something happened in my life (I GOT A GIRLFRIEND) and I just gave up on everything and 6-8 months later I had gained all the way back up to 300lbs. at 24% BF. I hovered around there for about a year and just trained whenever I felt like it.

I’ve decided to focus on myself. I told my girl to find a new workout partner, as I was going to go to a gym by myself where I originally started. This time it’s for me.

My long term goal is to do bodybuilding I would love to step on stage at least 1 time in my life.

I’ve been training religiously since November 7th when I was 300lbs

by December 7th I was down to 283.4

So what do I need? I need help to access where I need to focus my training what body parts to maximize as I cut weight

I generally eat the following throughout the day

L-carnitine, multi vitamins, 1 cup of oats 1 banana, stevia
3eggs or a cliff bar AND 50grams of lunch meat
1 cup basmati rice 150grams of a protein source (chicken, turkey, steak w/e meat I have)
1 green apple 1 cup of 0% greek yogurt
2 scoops of diesel protein
1 cup basmati rice 200gram of a protein source
a bunch of raw veggies, carrots, celery, spinach, cucumber
30grams mixed nuts

generally end with around 2300-2800 calories a day.

then to sum it all up because this is a long post.
6 days a week training 30-1hr of cardio everyday high incline walking at speed 2.7-3.2 whatever keeps my HR at around 130

this is what I’ve done…

Would love your opinion, I want to progress, I want to succeed


Do what you was doing before you made good progress , some girls get jealous when their man starts getting jacked.
Map out a plan and explain why you want to look better and be healthier, and help her with her goals, ideally find her a girl to workout with.
Make gym days special so she likes them and encourage them.
Your posterior chain needs thickened up, try ending your leg day with some twenty reps squats, and do some pulls, instead of cardio 6 days a week.


Id say get down to 220-230 before really focusing on tweaking bodyparts.

Yeah if counting cardio as separate, thats 12-13 excercise sessions a week so really ineeficient.
-A Thib or Waterbury fullbody template will cut you down fastest and with less sessions, try one of these

Also if going to persevere with the cardio swap some of the sessions for 45mins HIIT/sprints etc


Thanks for the replies though I might add how I train at the moment

6 days a week cardio 30-60mins
12.0inc 2.7-3.4 speed

6 days a week lifting

ABS calves and forearms are generally every day

Rep range is 8-20 with 4-6 sets generally 8+ exercises a day 1-2hr workouts with just all lifting not adding cardio.

1 bi’s/tris

2 leg day

3 chest tris

4 back bis

5 shoulders

6 generally I use to work on things I feel needs improvement. Legs and chest

My next weigh in is on January 7th so we’ll see how I’ve progressed this month.

I truly love spending a lot of time in the gym I’m always sweating and my HR is generally elevated


Yeah a bro split like that especially with a day just for arms will make fatloss much longer than need be. If like being in the gym a lot go for ‘Athlete lean’ then, like he says can still add gunz/beach work on the 6th day


What are your strength stats?Cause the best thing you can do at the moment is focus on adding weight at the bar imo.Doesn’t have to be an 1 rm,just get stronger