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310 Bench at 155lbs Bodyweight


Heres my vid from a few weeks ago touch and go 310lbs bench at 155 bw, was at the start of me ramping up training hard for 6 weeks. I recently just hit 320lbs with a 2 second pause on my chest at a lower bodyweight of 150lbs.
I just took a week off to recover and now about to start ramping up training again. Will post more vids soon.


Just having some fun training, running my own full time MMA/ powerlifting gym in UK
Few more fun vids
Triple clap push ups and clapping pull ups

Chin splitters - behind the head clapping push ups

1 arm clapping push ups


Very impressive - esp. (for me) those pull-ups!


Great strength there!! BTW, why is the dude in the background squatting 135 plus a chain on the side ?


those pushups were cool


Thats crazy strength to weight ratio mate. impressive stuff


damn, the pullups and pushups are awesome:P


So any chance we can get a breakdown on your training there? I'm sure almost everyone is at least a bit interested in how ya got to a 2X body weight bench haha.


I have actually been out of training for 2 years due to injury, and I achieved that bench with only 1 month strength training in 2 years. For the last 2 years I have been only teaching MMA and getting my gym open and hardly even sparring due to injuries built up from fighting.
When I used to fight pro I would train like a madman, sometimes 6 hours per day.
5x5, german volume training, olympic weightlting/powerlifting and sprint training hybrid programmes i made myself.... I tried it all man, I just have such a passion for weightlifting.

I'll probably get some people saying that I am bullshitting, but that bench was done with just 3 weeks training after a 2 year lay off from training.
I wish my deadlift and squat were up to par but they lag far behind.
The british national record for my bodyweight is 140kg bench press, nice to know that I have done 145kg in training. Im going to try to compete in powerlifting next year when I am back in shape. I 100% believe in my heart I can break the british national record in bench.

Time will tell, for now am just loving being back lifting after such a long lay off.


Wow great stuff. What have you found has worked best for you in terms of combining lifting with MMA? From watching your videos I'm curious, do you find that explosive training is a key element for your success? Do you have any tips or words of advice?


Before fighting pro in MMA i was a competitive gymnast so I guess I got decent pushing and weight bearing strength from that. its a lot of holding up your own bodyweight with the bodys pushing muscles.

I will say one of the things I work very hard on is overhead pressing for low reps and heavy weight. I believe this is one of the very best ways to bring up my bench and keep the numbers moving up (I say my bench because I just found that it works for me and everyone is different)

Now I do a lot of different things just because I am training for fun. Chain push ups drop set and chain bench press 5x3 because its fun and a bit of variety.
I will post some vids of some of the less common stuff that I do for strength in the next few weeks.


I used to only lift when I didnt have a fight coming up. I would basically keep lifting until a fight was 4 weeks away, and then I would stop deadlifts, squat, bench completly as they broke me down to much and I couldnt get decent sparring as Id be too slow, tired etc... CNS was sapped.

I would keep up olympic lifts until 2 weeks before the fight however. Even though they are more CNS intensive, I just found that they didnt smash my posterior chain to bits and make me slow for sparring.

But like i said before, i did a lot of this stuff for fun and also what works for me wont work for many other people. everyone is different.
lots of stuff i could be doing better in my fight training before and even now but, i just love to train and do whatever i enjoy and crave to do at the time.


i would stop lifting all lifts (except olympic lifts) completly when a fight was 4 weeks away to stay fresh for sparring. but i would often continue the snatch and clean + jerk right up until the fight was 2 weeks away. i felt like they didnt smash my posterior chain to bits like deads and squats do and left me fresher for sparring.
but that was just me and i just loved to lift so much i couldnt help myself

now i usually have my athletes stop lifting 4 weeks before the fight, as they are not likely to lose strength as they spar hard with intensity. i would often come back to training after a fight stronger than before because i was well rested after the 4 weeks hard sparring.


Thanks for the responses. I look forward to seeing your next videos.


congrats man, those pushups really seems fun.


speaking of 1 arm pushups. youtube Bruce Lee doing 1 arm, 2 finger push ups. i does them slow and with perfect form. truly incredible.


That's impressive man, but your story doesn't add up at all. You said you recently hit more, but that you've only been training for 1 month in the past 2 years, then only 3 weeks in the past 2 years. That's strong for your size but makes no sense. You also posted a vid claiming a 500lb chain squat or something crazy like that, and it didn't add up either.


internet police in full swing. yawn


VERY impressive.


so much for insight into your bench training - sounds like you're just ridiculously gifted! or maybe we're all missing something and should not train for 2 yrs and then come back and smash out 120% or our prev max. Good on you though mate - very jealous!