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31 YO New to TRT

Age: 31
Height: 5’9
waist: 33
weight: 203lbs
-carry fat around my stomach and love handles
-past few years I have been feeling weak/ low motivation/ serious hit to my libido and erection size/fullness/frequency/ difficulty concentrating
-as far as diet goes I don’t follow anything… just stay away from fast food and soda… basically only drink water…
-Training is all over the place… have been finding it extremely difficult to get and stay motivated (this used to be super simple)

  • morning wood and nocturnal erections are non existent

Labs Pre TRT
-Total T Serum 354 ng/ml range 348-1197
-Free T (direct) 11.4 pg/ml range 8.7-25.1
-LH 2.8 mIU/ml range 1.7-8.6
-FSH 1.8 mIU/ml range 1.5-12.4
-Estradiol 25.9 pg/ml range 7.6-42.6

6 weeks into TRT Labs
-Total T Serum 1358 ng/ml range 348-1197
-Free T (direct) 43.5 pg/ml range 8.7-25.1
-Estradiol, sensitive 41 pg/ml range 3-70

Injection protocol is as follows:
100mg test cyp IM twice a week
500iu HCG SubQ twice a week
I was dosing test cyp afternoon Monday / Friday morning and HCG Wednesday and Sunday morning

A couple weeks into this my nipples started to get sensitive and my doc told me to take 50mg of Zinc and 1-2 mg of Copper along with 100mg of DIM per day. It seemed to work okay for a little while but then I developed some aching in my nipple area at about the 6 week point. My doc just gave me a script for anastrozole at .25mg once a week. I took the first dose today.

I have been feeling a lot like my old self and have been finding way more motivation and dedication to things. I have even been getting good sized erections and have been reintroduced to night and morning woods however it is not on a regular basis or to often.

Im still trying to read through and comprehend all of the stickies and post in here. So far I have been finding a ton a what is hopefully good info. I just wanted to get this out so that perhaps buy chance someone might catch something or help me get on the right path a little bit sooner then i would stumbling around by myself.

Too much testosterone. You should be taking 100mg total per week.

Typical starting dose of testosterone is 1mg/week per 100mg T ester. See stickies

250iu hCG, SC EOD is all that is required. Its half life does not support twice a week very well. What you are doing is OK, but you might use less, less cost and more effective. But EOD routine is more work.

You need to monitor hematocrit. With 200mg T/week that becomes very critical.

You can inject SC with tiny insulin needles. #29 0.5ml [50iu], 1/2" will work for T and hCG

At your age you should have had a deeper diagnostic workup, to find the cause of your low T that is a symptom of something else that might have been fixed. And you could have tried a HPTA restart then hCG monotherapy before committing to a life of injecting T. But your story is typical of what happens.

Who prescribed 200mg per week? A regular doc or a T clinic?[aka drug dealer]

It was a T clinic.
So it seems like it would be a good idea to follow the protocol in the stickies until I can find a diffrent/real is this true? Also I have been using 30g 5/16" needles for the hCG those should continue to be fine correct?

Those needles are good for hCG

T clinics have this problem of high T dosing.

First I would like to say thanks for the info and what have you contributed to this forum. I know you said something about monitoring Hematocrit so I looked over my labs

Hematocrit 41.6% range 37.5-51
6 week mark
Hematocrit 44.8% range 37.5-51