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31 YO - Help with Doctors in VA


I'm 31 years old and believe I may have low T. I'm new to my area(Virginia suburb of DC) and don't have a Primary Physican that I see. I've read all of the stickies and now taking my time to absorb it.

-I have trouble losing fat and gaining muscle despite exercising and eating a decent diet.
-I experience pronounced soreness, slow recovery & improvement from exercise. (gauging against peers I've worked out with throughout my life.)
-Decreased Libido.
-Low energy levels and varied mood.
-A general "foggyness" and ability to focus.

There is one doctor very close that advertises for TRT. The cost would be $1200 for the first visit (not covered by any insurance) plus $300 for follow-up visits. This seems excessive to me, and potentially shady. (Though could swing it financially if it was necessary) If anyone knows an area doctor, particularly one that wouldn't immediately dismiss my concerns due to my age, that would be much appreciated.

describe body and facial hair: Always been hairy.(Except my head now)
did to grow fast or slow and steady as a teen: Fast, 5'll at 14
testes ache or hurt? ever? Yes
mood: Exta-varied; Though highs are not a high or as often
depression: Not necessarily, but lethargy fairly often
libido: Decreased
get cold easily? a change?: No, used to run hot, now not as much
dry skin, brittle nails? No
use iodized salt? Yes
eat much sea food? About 2 times a week, usually Tuna steaks
exposure to chemicals? No
ever used hair loss drugs? Yes: Used propecia from 17 to 23
Rx and OTC drugs: None


Where's your labwork? You will want to see bloodwork not just symptoms before you spend that kind of money.


I haven't had labs done yet. I was hoping to find the easiest/ most direct route to proper therapy, (if needed) by getting labs and treatment from the same source. After reading more of the stories on this board, I'm starting to realize that that is wishful thinking.

So what would be the best source for getting the recommended labs done? GP, Endocrinologist? As I said in the OP, I'm new to the area and haven't established a relationship with a GP yet.