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31 Years Old, Want to Do My First Cycle

Good evening. I’m a 31years old male. I have been lifting on and off for 2-3 years now, as my job made me move a lot and my discipline + diet wasn’t really on point.
I have been lifting and dieting with consistency for around a year now. I’m 178cm and 82kg, around 20% bf. My main lifts are 110kg bench press, 135kg deadlift, 110kg squat. I’ve gained a lot of strength this past few months but I’m years away from my ideal physique.
I train 5 times a week. Diet-wise I practice intermittent fasting.

I recently moved to eastern europe and today I talked with a big dude at my gym about gear. He can provide me with some. I did a blood work about 2 weeks ago and I’m very healthy, but my T is quite low, at around 600. This is why I want to get on gear.

Is it a good idea or should I bulk / cut first? Or simply make more natural gains? If you’d recommend going for a cycle, what products should I go for and at what dosage? Should I alter my diet and/or program?

I’m a complete noob when it comes to steroids, I have no knowledge whatsoever which is why I’m seeking your experience. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Train naturally and eat right, lose body fat and do your own research about steroids, learn as much as you can about the proper dosages, side effects, and how to do correct PCT (if you don’t know what that is, research it), for at least 6 months. Then decide for yourself if you really want to use steroids. And for what it’s worth, 600 isn’t that low for a 31 year old.

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^ DO DIS. You’ll need that body fat down a bit if you want to make best use of gear so in the mean time you may as well.

Tbh you’re still a noob in terms of lifting/dieting. There’s loads of stuff to learn and build up e.g. like you mentioned discipline.

Not low. Have a look at the T Replacement section. Sure its not because juice is the fast fun easy route full of rainbows and unicorns?

As others have stated, research more about lifting/diet/steroids before considering a cycle. Your lifts are absolutely nothing to write home about, you need to have some reasonable foundation of strength, not because of the strength itself per se but pulling 500lbs.+ is a better indicator of lifting knowledge than saying you know your stuff while not moving anything over 300 lbs. Next, what diet are you running exactly? Intermittent fasting has its place but it tells us nothing. I can run intermittent fasting but if I stuff tons of junk food in my face during my window, there isn’t much benefit to not eating for 16+ hours of a day. Lastly if you don’t know anything about the above 2 items, I am willing to bet you know nothing about actual steroid cycling.

So learn your stuff, get your diet dialed in, progress better in the gym, lose a few % body fat, study the hell out of the Shadowpro threads, then maybe come back with a proposed cycle for people to critique, not coming in hoping people will tell you “take this much of this for this long and get big”.

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You’re correct. I thought I was more advanced that that but I guess I’m still a rookie. I posted in the beginner section to get some advice on how to improve my diet and my program.


I’m starting to sound like a peptide pimp lol, but there are a range of peptides that could help you get leaner and more ‘healthy’ without the risks (dodgy/dirty gear, HPTA insult, hair loss etc) associated with steroids.