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31 Year Old Male, TRT for 5 Months


31 years old
Height 5'9
Weigh in between 165-170 at any given time recently with a 30 inch waist.

My facial hair is ok, my sideburns won't connect to my hair line, they stop just short, and I don't really grow alot on my cheek area, but a mustach and full chin strap/neck growth are no issue.
I don't really have a ton of body hair, legs have good growth but other than that not much.
No real body fat except a small amount on the belly region.
I have the lung disease Cystic Fibrosis which is what I and my doctor feel that due to constant infection has made my T drop.

I take Xopenex, Pulmozyne, Tobi, and Zithromax for the CF along with at least one bout of IV antibiotics a year when my lung function drops.
Over the counter I have Zyrtec, Vitamin D (2400mg a day), E (4000 IU a day), Animal Pak multi, Protein powder, pre-workout.

Diet is fair, I try my best usually over 2,500 calories a day, 4 Raw eggs with coffee and two scoops of protein in the morning, cup of oatmeal with PB, Lean turkey and low fat cheese on wheat, some type of meat/veggie/rice combo, and then dinner varies.

On average I train at least 3 days a week switching from SL 5x5 to various 4 day routines for 6 weeks at a time.
I've had testicular pain once for a 3 day period while on TRT, and sexual dysfunction has never occured.

Ok, here are my tests. The original testing 04/04/13 all that was tested was
Thyroid Stim Hormone (mcIU/mL) 1.38 normal .55-4.78
TESSTOTAL (ng/dL) 279 normal 296-1,377
Testosterone Free (pg/mL) 71.1 normal 41.1-200.4

Test on 9/5/13

Sodium Level (mmol/L) 140 normal 136-144
Potassium Level )mmol/L) 4.4 normal 3.6-5.1
Chloride (mmol/L) 106 normal 101-111
Carbon Dioxide (mmol/L) 30 normal 22-32
AG (mmol/L) 4 normal 2-11
Osmolatlity calculated (mOsm/kg)280 normal 275-295
Glucose (mg/dL) 102 normal 65-110
Blood Urea Nitrogen (mg/dL) 10 normal 8-25
Creatinine (md/dL) 1.06 normal .70-1.20
U:C 9 normal 7-21
Protein Total (gm/dL) 7.7 normal 6.1-7.9
Albumin (gm/dL) 3.7 normal 3.5-4.8
Bilirubin Total (mg/dL) .3 normal .3-1.2
Calcium Level Total (mg/dL) 8.8 normal 8.9-10.3
Alanin Aminotransferase 34 normal -<45
Alkaline Phosphatase 117 normal 32-91
Aspartate Aminotransferase 29 normal 15-41
Estradiol, Female Premenopausal pg/ml 28
TESSTOTAL (ng/dL) 295 normal 296-1,377
Testosterone Free 138 normal 41.1-200.4

I can give the rest if neccessary, anyway....the situation is my dr. originally prescribed 150ml every 2 weeks. Well everything I've read says to inject at least once a week with test cyp, so my monthly prescription was 400ml enough to do 100ml per week which is what I have been doing. He's offered to increase, but I've yet to explain I haven't been following his protocol. He's a good doctor and will most liekly give me whatever I want.

What are your suggestions? boost to 125, 150 per week? Anti estro needed?


Suggest injecting twice per week for steadier levels.

So you have TT=295 injecting once per week? Your TT levels are changing and the major influence is when you test. Testing after a week provides bogus numbers.

Please read the advice for new guys sticky.

Try 75 mg twice per week then do labs 1/2 way between and do not change when you do labs.
You need to test for TT, FT and E2.

150mg T may be too high, hard to know what your labs really mean.

What are your cholesterol numbers?

Your meds may have been a factor with low T as well.

Watch your calcium levels, drugs may be having an effect on calcium balance. Xopenex changes calcium balance inside cells, perhaps some systemic effect. Does not look bad … or does it? Calcium levels really never go very low because your body will steal calcium from you bones to maintain serum levels. So the real long term risk is osteoporosis. Only a bone density scan can evaluate.

Xopenex may be why your fasting glucose is where it is.

Note that prednisolone and other steroids of that nature can have severe effects on bone density and are also very catabolic, degrading connective tissue to the point where tendons can snap.

Is your cholesterol too low?


No I’ll try to get the numbers but cholesterol isn’t low. I have a yearly bone density scan and while it’s been slightly low before, I actually stayed the same this year and bone density increased in my hip area. I also just completed a one year study where I was either given 50,000mg of calcium once every two weeks, or placebo to see it’s effects on CF.

I can switch to twice a week on injections, I thought I had read it was best to see where your levels where prior to a shot, but that may have been my doctor’s advice. So most likely a peak reading between shots would have provided better numbers as opposed to the low point right before a shot. The estradol number he gave was not E2?


I no longer take prednisolone (as predinosone tablets) and haven’t for many years. I’m not on any steroid nor have I been since stopping advair years ago.

I do have joint issues due to massive amounts of levaquin and it’s family of drugs. Mostly in my hands, when I take the drug it makes my hands clinch up into a fist and have severe pain. I’ve stopped taking it and won’t in the future and I will be seeing a specialist to make sure there is no permanent damage. I only tend to have issues when Deadlifting, but it goes away quickly and Tylenol helps.