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31 Year Old Bad Doctor

I reacently was diagnosed with low t 280. family doctor put me on 200 mg monthly, not until I started reading other posts did I realize theres a lot more to it. Its been 8 days since my 200 mg injection and Im starting to feel like crap. 22 days till next injection. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i might do till then.

Read stickeys…the suggested protocol is one of them…you need to first understand why that recommendation is made, before you can really ask a lot of in depth follow-up questions…

Many men will be able to operate normally once they get their dosage dialed in properly…

Thanks for the responce. I read stickys post and got some good info. I went for blood work yesterday, waiting for results. My doc never mentioned anything about estrogen, testi function or anything, pritty much just gave me T. im sure she will write me anytng I need, I just need to know what to ask for. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Another question? Is the 200mg of T I took last week wasted, or should I get some more 50mg and start dosing weekly/biweekly.

This is the stickey I was talking about:

Your questions are in there.

Some guys do ok with once a week dosing, many need more frequent, smaller doses (2-3/week). More frequent doses result in less aromatization to E2 as the spikes are smaller.

The 200 mg that you took is not wasted…its probably a good front load…I would get on a sensical protocol ASAP though, as 200 mg/month is just stupid.

You will probably have to hold your doctors hand.

What blood work are you getting? Did it at least include 8am cortisol and TSH?

Thanks for the link. I took what i read from stickeys post and called my Dr. i asked for the recomendations stickys made. She seemed confused, and said she would look up some info and call me back.

The blood work I got was just basic T levels and psa level liver enzyme and lipids. I have acces to free blood work so I can get it checked as often I i would like. Ill post the results when I recieve them. Thanks

You’ll need a ton of blood work up front - the list of everything is, again, in the stickies. If you have a doc that is willing to learn/work with you, then you are all set. Educate yourself, then help your doc get educated. Always get a copy of your blood work, too. Keep your own file.