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31 Y/O Test E, First Cycle. Need Some Advice

Hey guys!
I’m 31 yo training consistently for about 2-3 years now. Been going to the gym on and off for 6 years before (half year on half year off due to my job)

Currently 6.0ft 200lbs @ about 16-17% body fat after a bulk and dieting to go down to arround 10% before starting my first cycle. All gear on cycle will be pharma grade.

Some photos bellow(they wheren’t intended for this purpose but they’re the only ones I have at the moment). I’ll try to get some with legs in them aswell asap.

I would say my legs are up to par with the rest of my body…except calves.i have terrible calve genetics.


Target is to add mass with as litlle fat as possible. Would be really happy with 10-20lb of lean muscle plus max 20-30%of that in fat.

Will do some bloods before cycle and post them here.

Also is there any recommended time frame for subsequent blood tests?

My intent is to do a 10-12 week 250mg E3D Test-E only cycle.

That comes out at about 583mg/wk

Question: is this too long for a first cycle? It’s my understanding that week 6-7 is actually where the sweet spot comes in on test e and the best gains follow from there.

From reading arround different forums is that HCG would be recommended while on cycle also at 2x250IU/week.

Question: Should i continue whith this in the 2 weeks AFTER stopping Test-E and BEFORE starting PCT? I know half life for Test-E is arround 11 days so I should still be at supraphisiological levels during this time so guessing I should continue but reduce the dossage?

Planning on taking 0.25 mg arimidex/anostrozole EOD also just to stave off any chance of gyno.

After cycle , take 2 weeks off from all drugs and start PCT on nolvadex for 4wks 40/40/20/20 QD

While I’m not bothered by needles and blood at all, I have no actual experience with injecting. Planning on doing it in quads. Any advice?

Also I’m a merchant navy guy so basically my intent is to do the main cycle while at home(usually 10-12 weeks) and then continue my PCT onboard ship. It’s easier to sneak some nolvadex through airports than syringes and several vials of test and hcg

Looking forward to any input you guys might have.

P.S. reading arround a bit i also found prisoner22’s stasis/taper method. This seems a bit too involved and difficult for someone with limited pinning experience but I’m willing to give it a go if it’s considered to be a better solution.

That being said it’s also my understanding that this method is better suited when coming off more complexx cycles that involve other PED’s than straight up test E. Am i wrong?

Really… No one has any opinion on this?
Or did I do something wrong ? :confused:

Honestly? You don’t need much guidance. You’ve thought this out really well, your pictures show a guy who has a really solid foundation, and you are smart enough to know what you don’t know.

I’ll say this about quad injections: they basically cripple me. I do glutes and it doesn’t bother me at all. If I do my quads I might as well be FDR. Other guys can do their quads like it’s nothing. It’s a highly individual thing.

Run the HCG during cycle and stop when your cycle ends. That’s my thought on that matter.


I’m in the same boat with Iron here…quads kill me for days. I either do shoulders or glutes.

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Thx for the info guys!
Well I guess I’m going to try pinning myself in glutes then. Will probably try quads and delts also but with slin pins just to make sure I don’t cripple myself :smile:

My main actual concern was about my “foundation” as iron_yuppie put it. Wasn’t sure if I should tough it out for another year or so natty but I’m sold now.

Reading up since posting this I’ve arrived at the same conclusion about HCG as what you’ve suggested…stop same time as Test.

Am slightly concerned about MPBaldness being triggered. Have absolutely no probs until now that I’ve noticed so would be pretty dissapointed if I actually start now but I guess that comes with the territory.

Will post any updates as the date gets closer.

Ok, so the MPB issue seems to be something that only certain guys deal with. Most evidence (anecdotal, browisdom) says that if you’re not prone to it then you shouldn’t have a problem. In my case I don’t have any issue but I’ve had the same amount of hair for the last 35 years.

As far as waiting another year or pulling the trigger now, it’s not a sin to wait. But you seem ready. You’ve put in the time and built a good natty body. You’ve also spent some time thinking about this, contemplating what to do, and you’re 31. If you had the exact same body and you were 22 then everyone would tell you to wait. But you’ve paid your dues and, honestly, it’s your body. You have to be happy with it and you have to live in it. So if you feel ready then go for it.

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I don’t think you have much to worry about with regard to MPB when running only Test. If you’re prone to baldness (check your mother’s father…is/was he bald or balding) and concerned about it then I suggest staying away from DHT-based compounds (Tren amound others).


You are on point with it so far.

Your quads, I did my first cycle pinning there. Nothing wrong with it especially since you will be new to self injecting. Couple of pointers, I did mine after shower I was relaxed and clean. Do NOT do your injections the day of or day before your leg workouts, trust me on this. I would sit on the toilet and let my leg relax and insert slowly, I hardly ever had pain during the injection. Go look up the diagrams online of the area where you should pin in.

If you decide to go glutes area just know that they don’t even teach how to do that anymore in nursing school. The new area is the hip. Basically it is the upper-upper outer glute area. There is just less chance of hitting that nerve or and veins. I know I was taught to literally go to the fattest roundest part of the glutes and go straight in, that is basically the worst way to go in the glute. Now a days when I go into the hip I lay on my sides and that way the muscle isn’t tense. If you do it standing up your muscle is working to keep you balanced and hold your weight. If your laying on your side it just seems to make it easier and less pain at least for me. Again go look up the diagrams online for the sweet spot to pin.

The mpb, basically like stated if mom’s dad was bald then there is a chance. It’s really the DHTs that seem to kick start balding early and it doesn’t stop once off cycle but that’s only if you were going bald anyways. I have a buddy who’s hair falls out by the handful on tren but once the cycle is over it grows back.

Everything else was covered in the other responses.

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Thx for the info. Will watch alot of videos on pinning before doing it so hopefully it’ll be OK.

My grandfather and my uncle on my mother’s side do suffer from MPB and for both of them it started in the early tewenties. I’m 31 now and have seen absolutely no sign of it…on the contrary, I have the thickest fullest head of hair I have seen on anyone in my family or acquaintances so I’m hopefull that I skipped that gene. I basically get an afro if I grow my hair long enough. :slight_smile:

I’ve basically read the same…if you go bald from T converting to DHT it means you would have gone bald anyway so guess I’ll find out once and for all if it’s in the cards for me or not.

On the other hand I sure hope that DHT helps my beard come in thicker … I’ve been using minoxidil on my face for about half an year now and my cheeks are still patchy. I understand DHT has an opposite effect on facial hair actually making vellus hairs mature.