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31 Y/O. Advice Concerning My Test Results?


Hey there,

my name is Etienne and I am from Europe. I do weight training 4 times a week and try to run 2-3 times a week almost about 6 miles. But i guess before I ask my questions, I should give some basic Information about my person. And pardon for my poor english in advance.

I am 31 y/o, 185cm and weight 82kg. About 6-7 years ago I realized, that I constantly had problems getting good erections. At that time I smoked 20-30 cigarretes daily. I used to stay up late, was not eating strictly healthy (but not e.g. fast food only), drank a lot of sugar containing drinks and watched porn almost daily. At that time I visited a doctor who diagnozed an early stadium of high blood pressure (average 155/80). So I considered to change my lifestyle. Since then I quit quit porn, stopped drinking any sugar containing drinks, no alcohol, eat healty, get between 6-8 hours of sleep, try to avoid stress and do a lot of sports. I visited my doctor twice during the last 8 months to check my blood pressure. First long term measurement was average 130/77, second 122/74.

Bizarrely my symptoms got even worse. I almost have no libido at all. So I thought, maybe it is not only a lifestyle issue and consulted an urogolist (or more precisely several). Lately I visited an endicrinologist/andrologist two times for investigation. Yesterday I received my first blood results. And this leads finally to my question. Can you give me your opinion on the results. I am awayting results of a second test but already discussed some possible treatments with the doctor. He told me that my testosterone levels (especially the free test) are relatively low and may be the cause. Further he said that if the second reslults will be similarly low, a TRT might be an option. Since then I read some papers and opinions but they differ quite a bit.
Since TRT might be a decision for the rest of my life, I am very doubtful. But maybe someone will be good enough to share his opinion about the results with me.
That`d be it for the moment. Take care…

Maybe 2 things to add:

Almost never morning wood. Further, I always gained fat easily around the hip area, but lately almost exclusevly there. Last week increased my kcal 150/day, because I was losing weight. And now gained 0,8kg and it seems as if only fat on my hips.


Did you had any creatnine or kidney levels checks done?


I remember that he told me, all my organic measurements would habe been good or even very good (whatever that exactly means).


We really need the lab normal ranges.

TSH should be closer to 1.0
You may be iodine deficient?
Do you use iodized salt?
What way is iodine provided in ?your country? - salt, bread, dairy?

When a young man has low T, that is a symptom, not the disease. To find the cause, do labs for LH, FSH and prolactin.

Total cholesterol=138 is too low, 180 is ideal. <160 is associated with increased health problems, the term is increased all-cause mortality. You may need to eat more eggs, read meat and animal fats - dairy. Cholesterol is the foundation for steroid hormones, cortisol and Vit-D3.

Are you vitamin D deficient? Many in northern Europe will be. Try to find 5,000iu Vit-D3 gel capsules. Take 25,000iu for first 5 days.

“avoid stress and do a lot of sports” that can be a negative if you are running on adrenalin.

Try to get copies of all lab work.


Well thanks for the replies so far.
I am from Germany. Few years ago I visited a endicrinologist/nuclearmedical (dont know if this word exists; in german its Nuklearmediziner) to check my thyroid. He adviced me to substitute 100 microgramms per day. He was of the opinion almost everybody in middle europe would be undersupplied.
My aboratory findings back then were:
-FT4: 1,49 ng/dl
-FT3: 3,95 pg/ml
-TSH basal: 1,66 µU/ml
-Anti-TPO: <10IU/ml
After that visit I substituted Iodid, but eventually stopped at some point. I also tried Vitamin D3 for quite some time. I substituted 7.500IU/day. Actually I ordered a new one this week. But my problems were almost always the same.

What do you guys then think of the test-values?


I think that I need the lab ranges. Do you have them?

You can evaluate overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. The two are connected.

Have you been using iodized salt???


No I do not, sry. I thought the reference-values would not depend on a certain lab (although opinions differ within boundaries of what is upper and lower limit). What I found on the Internet e.g. the lower limit is always around 3.5-3.8ng/ml.
Prolaktin is in the picture, I guess (PROL).
And to be honest I dont eat salt at all, unless the meal has been seasoned with it while cooked. I stopped takin it some time ago, because every doctor said to me regarding my blood pressure, that I should be aware of eating too much salt. But, my problems go way back before i quit salt.

PS.: One thing I could have mentionen in my initial post: my amount of ejaculate is at most 50% of what it used to be.


KSman, I read some of your advice concerning Iodine supplementation. May you give me a short hint? Can you roughly guess what amount I should supplement. I want to go to the chemist this afternoon. Do I need a loading cycle compared to Vitamin D3? The endicrinologist mentioned as I stated above an additional 100 microgramms. Do you think that is sufficient? And maybe you can also give me a tip on an amount of selenium.


I’ve been doing a iodine reload. I have been taking Iodoral which is 12.5mg tablets. I take 4 daily, split dose morning and evening. 200mcg selenium with morning dose. Advice online is to take this dose 3 months, then daily maintenance of 12.5mg daily, continuing with the selenium also.

KSMan had said to go way down though, like 6mg week(so half a tab). He said something about TSH being high from taking Iodoral, but I have yet to get to that point. Not sure what high TSH would cause.


After I read the Thyroid Basics Explained Sticky, I am really shocked about how I could be so stupid to harm my body by not eating any iodine. I estimated that my average iodine intake was below 50mcg per day and that for a long time. To be honest, I think this is how I did for all my life. I found a laboratory sheet from a few years ago, when I went to the hospital, due to some pain in my chest. Back then my TSH value was 3.7! And I still remember the doctor, who was a beautiful woman, telling me that all my values would be “great”.
I have the impression, that with now one week of daily 200mcg I feel some changes already. But maybe this is just the placebo effect.
But there is one thing I do not understand yet, and maybe someone can share his thoughts on it. How come, although I have never supplemented iodine for all my life, that I did not have libido and errection problems in my teens?


I felt changes from iodine in a few days.

I also remember grade 5 health class, iodized salt etc.


I felt better also after just a few days of 50mg iodoral