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31 with Low T Labs

Age: 31
Height: 5’ 11
Waist: 34"
Weight: 207.6#

Describe body and facial hair: full beard, full head of hair. Much less body hair than my younger brother or father. Light hair on peculiar area, light “happy trail”. No back hair. Some calf hair, little quad/hamstring hair. Full public hair. Full eyebrows.

Describe where you carry fat and how changed:

Fat carried around midsection with love handles on the hips as well as in the peculiar area. Very little on limbs, glutes, or back.

Health conditions, symptoms [history]

Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever: took an Accutane cycle 2 and 1/2 years ago. It was 20 mg per day at bodyweight of 170 pounds. Great for 6 months then heavy unpleasant side effects appeared so I went off and on for another 6 months, but mostly off during that time.

Took Celexa for about a year to year and a half at20 mg per day.

PDE5 since early 20s. Rare sex, so rare use.

No steroid use. Smoked pot a few times–hated it. Drank moderately heavy one year in college. Now light drinking of wine, no beer, and rarely get buzzed/intoxicated.

No hair loss drugs.

Lab results with ranges: taken last week in the morning (will update and attach image of full results)

Hematocrit: 48.6 (37.5–51.0%)
Glucose: 108 high (65-99 mg/dL)
Creatinine: 0.93 (0.76–1.27 mg/dL)
Alkaline Phosphatse: 105 (39–117 IU/L)
AST: 23 (0–40 IU/L)
ALT: 20 (0–44)

Testosterone, serum: 307 low (348–1197 ng/dL)
Estradiol: 13.7 (7.6–42.6 pg/mL)
FSH, serum: 4.2 (15–12.4 mIU/mL)
LH: 3.6 (1.7–8.6 mIU/mL)

No thyroid panels at this time.

Describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets]: strength increase has been a huge goal for past two years, so I eat a lot. Lots of meat, sweet potatoes, avocadoes, eggs, whey protein powder, BCAAs, lettuce, broccoli, some grains, carrots, butter, olive oil. Absolutely NO soy products, no vegetable oils (except olive and avocado), very little dairy-full fat cheese ronly arely but no milk. No candy, soda pop, etc. Coffee every morning–could not get moving without it. Mostly have used kosher salt (non iodized).

Describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training]: barbell training 4–5 per week for past 2 years. Machine/elliptical style workouts at a body building style gym for 4 or so years before that. Squat several times per week, with minimal improvement…
Deadlift (clean style) = 335#
Back squat = 265#
Front squat = 205#
Press = 135#

No high endurance cardio. Sled dragging for 10 min once a week.

Testes ache, ever, with a fever? No.

How have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed: don’t have them often. Not firm. Overall not much going on down there. Have sex once a year or so, always need a PDE5.

So there is my summary. Overall, I feel like I’m presenting typical low T symptoms. Sex drive has completely tanked over the past 5 years. Relationships are out of the question, I don’t have the drive to go out in pursuit. I can’t seem to build any strength, my squat has gone from 200 to 265 # in 2 years.

I’m recently re insured and will be seeing a Primary care doctor on Monday. I’m planning on telling him exactly what I posted here and hope to be on TRT soon. I’ll ask him to order a thyroid panel so I can report those results back. Do you think there is anything else I should specifically tell him or ask him about?

I’ve felt this way for several years, but it’s without a doubt been worse in the past 6 months. Is this a clear case of low T? Thanks for your input, I look forward to seeing what everyone thinks.

Your body composition is actually pretty good for your size. Right weight and waist for your height. Yeah you’re not a beast at the gym but you’re pretty strong. Your gym numbers will come slowly after you reach a certain point. I’ve been training 16 years and I’m lucky to go up 10lbs a year on any of my maxes. Read the stickies and get a more comprehensive blood lab drawn. Should know thyroid levels, free T, SHBG etc. Can’t help much without that.

PS 200lb squat to 265 in two years is pretty good. If you are doing squat right and breaking parallel, then that’s strong. Most guys at my gym cheat them and still can’t do that. At your size you should be able to get to 315 without being gifted and 405 with having an affinity.

If you were fasting, you are in trouble. Need fasting serum glucose! Not even coffee unless black.

The stickies are here: About the T Replacement Category

you really need to be getting iodine
check overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures -
should be 97.7-97.8 when you wake up, higher is OK, 97.3 is a problem
also check for 98.6 mid-afternoon