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31, Thinking of TRT, Opinions Before Bringing Up with Doctor


Ive been listening to Jay Cambell and the TOT doctors for a few years now. None of them were anti AI 8 months ago. Not one. Dr Rouzier has been spouting this stuff for many years. They all learned from his work.

With all due respect to the TOT roundtable they are just now catching up. THAT being said I first heard Dr Rouzier on the podcast. However at that point we as a forum had already moved into the anti AI camp thanks to Dr. physiologik


Yah im only 2 months in and have no clue what’s changed when. I thought tot has been talking about no ai for long time. I do know allot changed recently because more reeesrch was done and they have hard evidence. That’s why crissler was not against it; and he changed his tune when that evidence presented it self… decemberish?


Is that doc on those videos … I need to find him… maybe I did hear him just didn’t know the name.


Not physiologik.


Is 18.4 really that low? What should I be targeting? At what level of Estrodiol do I need to start worrying about gynocomastia?

That was an interesting watch. I’ll talk to my doc about it shortly but for now I’m stopping anastrazole, will report back how that affects me.

I don’t feel differently hour-by-hour or day-by-day. Two weeks ago I skipped all HCG, Test and AI for 7 days, and couldn’t report “feeling” any differently. Perhaps I am just not all that tuned in to myself and the “feelings” are too subjective.

This time around though, just stopping AI, I know what to look out for - sleep, erections and weight change.


Yes it’s low and past the mark where any doc would call it normal.

Just be careful bro