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31, Secondary Hypogonadism. Enclomiphene Test Run


Great to see activity in the thread guys.

My results are in and it looks like I’ve nailed the dosage.

Feeling really good at these current levels and my hair has even thickened up again, probably as a result of my E2 now under control.

Curiously my IGF-1 is in the upper range, SERMS tend to lower it apparently.

Any feedback most welcome


Hi Guile,
I am very happy for you! How do you feel on this dosage compare to earlier dosages?
Do you have a reference of the IGF-1 from earlier tests?
Regarding your Cortisol, I have high Cortisol as well (both 8:00 am and 24hr). I believe that the high cortisol is the main reason for many of my bad symptoms including low body temp and low T.
4 months ago, after reading a lot and trying to understand my medical condition, I started taking Rhodiola and Ashwagandha supplements. My cortisol went down by 40%.
Regarding your dosage, I believe that if you would be able to dissolve the pills, you could fine tune your dossage even more (maybe 15mg a day?)
Does anybody knows how enclomiphene pills can be dissolved?


Feeling awesome compared to other doses, my libido is finally returning to normal. The change is very gradual I’ll note so patience is required.

As for my cortisol result I believe that is normal for that time of day? No reference IGF-1 unfortunately.

If you need enclomiphene as a liquid it might be easier to purchase it as a research chemical instead of Pharma pills.


@guile thank you very much sir for the detailed info. are you using the en-clofert product? if so, does the packaging say enclomiphene citrate or clomiphene citrate? i ask because there was some confusion on other forums as the package seems to say “each film coated tablet contains clomiphene citrate USP equivalent to enclomiphene 50mg.”


WOW, I’m so frustrated!!!. I looked at the packaging and indeed it states that the tablets I’ve bought, waited 10 weeks for arrival, after a long long search - contain “clomiphene citrate USP equivalent to 50mg enclomiphene”. What a bummer! it means I spent all these efforts ending up consuming Clomiphene! I feel cheated. The title on the front clearly states Enclomiphene. On the back, with tiny letters it states the truth. I’ve attached photos for you to judge. I feel so helpless, I had so many expectations and I am really broken.
Thank you bujinkantd for pointing it out - otherwise I would have continued consuming Clomiphene without knowing it.

Guile - regarding your Cortisol, the highest levels of Cortisol are in the morning, this is why the name of the test is 8:00 AM Cortisol (measured at 8 in the morning) and yours is a bit high - out of scale, I would consider running a 24H Cortisol urine test as it’s more accurate. it is important because high Cortisol could be the reason for low T and cause many other problems, speaking from experience.


@jordan123 thanks for info. i am trying to contact maneesh pharma about it, but not getting far. enclofert is not even listed on their website, though i do believe they do currently manufacture it. the reviews of indian “enclomiphene” on the web are mixed. @burch278 says he got side effects from clomid but not from indian enclomiphene (dunno if he’s on enclofert or what). i have read this elsewhere, but i’ve also read threads where people believe indian enclomiphene is just regular clomiphene. enclofert seems to be priced higher than clofert, so there must be something different. i’m not sure whether to go the research chem route (i.e. the 30ml liquid solutions available on the web) or the indian pharma route or just forget it all together.


Hi bujinkantd, It’s really weird because there should be a difference between en-clofert and clofert (or maybe is just higher priced special branding for novice fools like me…)
Let’s wait for guile, burch278 and other members to comment about the brands that they use and where to buy them. I stopped taking the pills and I’m anxiously waiting for response from guys here.


If you guys purchased it from maneesh pharmaceuticals in India and the brand name is en-clofert then you indeed have enclomiphene. You guys would know if you were taking clomid. The side effects would be bad enough that I can almost guarantee you’d stop taking it. I know from experience.

The labeling on the back is definitely confusing. But thats just how medical terminology is. They’re basically saying that it’s a relative of clomid. I promise you though it’s enclomiphene citrate. I haven’t gotten it tested or anything but I’ve read on other sites from different users that this is the real deal. I feel the difference too.


Are you taking en-clofert as well? If not, what are you taking?


Yes I’m taking en clofert 12.5 mg daily. They come in 50 mg pills so I just use a pill cutter.


@jordan123 @burch278 @guile
how are you all doing? any noticeable changes in muscle mass or energy levels or side effects? my shipment of enclomiphene came in this week, i plan to start 12.5mg ED soon. i need to get some baseline labs done first.


Hi, I’m 28 year old . 6 feet , 80kg . I’ve been taking enclofert 12.5 mg ED and aromasin 6mg EOD . Although my testosterone get up to 856ng/dl but my erection strength haven’t improved . I have weak soft erections. That’s frustrating . If anyone else have same problem or have any solution plz help . LH , FSH, TSH ,E2 all are in normal range .


Hey you from India ?


Yes similar situation. I also got my testosterone to good levels but I felt my libido and sexual performance was worse taking the drug. I have since stopped and will update after 6 weeks with baseline bloods and my impressions after coming off.


Yes I’m from india


Thanks guile … Plz update if you find any solution to this problem of erection .here is my test results of testosterone.


It’s you natural testosterone level or you taking some supplement brother ??




Brother I’m 22 yr old my major concern is I don’t wake up with morning wood . Meko hadh se zaada chinta hori hai . Please help me