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31, Low T, Help with Blood Test Results

31 years old (32 on the 19th)
6’ 2’'
207 pounds
35 inch waist

Facial Hair is very patchy, always has been
Head Hair is full
Body Hair is almost non existent
Medication none
vit/supplements - Creatine, Fish Oil, Multi-Vit, D-3, Protein (Just added Iodine and Selenium after reading the stickys) I started testing my morning and afternoon temps and will post those with averages after this week.

Head injuries- Whip Lash in car accident at 17 & 21, both caused soreness, but nothing broken
Head Injury against concrete pool at 24, again no fractures

I had a very late growth spurt when I was young (17). Always had the smallest bone structure and the skinniest kid out of everyone I knew

The past 5 years I have slow started to gain weight (175 to 210) in my stomach, breasts and face.

I used to play tennis and burned roughly 10,000 calories a week which helped keep weight off until recently
Recovery has become very long and I can no longer play tennis like I used to.
I am now doing weight training 2-5 times a week with 3-5 days of swimming for 1 hour.

testes ache? no
morning wood? very rarely now
slow recovery, brain fog, no libido, erections die, mood swings and very low energy

All my manly features either never developed or were very late. Hardly any facial or body hair and bone density\weight were well below all my classmates

It seems things are getting worse every year for me (energy, libido, mental fog, etc.) and I finally had tests done at a vitality clinic. The tests came back with low T, abnormal liver enzyme levels and elevated thyroid levels. I just started back up on physical training one month ago and I always swell up the first time exercising my muscles. I was very sore and actually swollen in my arms/chest when taking the blood tests and think this may have raised some of those levels?

I took another test for liver and thyroid from Labcorp 2 days later and it seems the numbers are going down, but the liver enzyme tests still have me worried. I don’t drink,smoke or take drugs which the Dr. asked me if I did. I’m going to have more tests done for my liver, but I have no clue what could be causing those levels besides my body being damaged from working out. I have no stomach pain, no yellowing of the skin or eyes, and no vomiting.

If anyone has had similar results or any clue what the results may indicate please chime in. I’m going to post this and come back and add or edit things later tonight, I need to start dinner.

I can’t comment on the liver levels.

You have hypothroidism. I don’t know how much you are supplementing, but consider large doses (iodoral) instead of smaller ones in multivitamins.

You have low T. Consider getting LH / FSH tested to determine if you are primary or secondary hypogonadism. That information will determine your treatment. Looks like your Dr is suggesting clomid from the note on the side of your test. That’s a pretty good guess, I don’t neccessarily see a downside there, if it works, you are secondary, if not, time to pin. I might be concerned about your ability to handle a SERM while your liver levels are high…

Thanks for the reply,

Thyroid: I didn’t take any iodine supplements and the salt we had at home also did not have iodine. I bought some new salt and my daily vitamin now has the daily recommended. If that doesn’t lower my levels, large doses will commence as you suggest.

Low T: The Dr. said my levels were not that low when I brought up treatment plans. So I asked for them to be faxed over so I could post them here. I didn’t have much luck finding success stories in using clomid to restart my levels, so I mentioned trying Testosterone injections with hcg and possibly an AI if needed. She wasn’t very excited to hear me ask about that route first. What do you guys think, should I go along with the month or 6-week clomid treatment? This is an out of pocket clinic and I don’t want them dragging things out to get more money.

Liver Enzyme Levels: I was worried about taking any oral medication as well with my liver levels that high. My new insurance coverage will not start until next month and that’s when I plan on getting everything looked at thoroughly with my doc. I still think it has to do with going back to the gym and starting physical training back up, but I want to be sure. Would test injections be safer on the liver versus the clomid?