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31 American Troops Killed In Afghanistan



Here's the story from Yahoo!

R.I.P. God Bless America



You can't reason with the Taliban and you can't "kill 'em all", so how much longer do we intend to keep this going?

Does anyone really think you can change the modus operandi and corruption in those far and away backwaters?


Terrible hangs head

We should pray for the families and pray that we will leave that place as soon as possible.

Thirty one of our best and brightest along with seven of the best Afghan soldiers. Great loss with great sadness, an immeasurable cost.


Ditto everything yall said. I love those service men and women. I will pray for them and for the rest of the others safety. It's small consolation, but it's something.


Of course not.

But to declare wars that you cannot win is an excellent way of bleeding the public dry.

Drugs, poverty, terrorism, you name it.

Hell, if I found a way to scam suckers so badly that they forked over hundreds of billions a year and those retards would even cheer me on, I would have a boner 24/7.

You are assuming that this does not work.

I say it works just as intended.


22 of those killed were from SEAL team six and 'their deployment in the raid...would suggest that the target was a high-ranking insurgent figure':


Speculation that Joe Biden's loose lips may have allowed the Taliban to track the team:



They are in my prayers.


...and how would the Taliban track the team from what Biden said?


You'd have to ask the person who made that suggestion. They are suggesting that it was never supposed to be revealed to the public which unit carried out the OBL raid but that Biden did. By 'track' I assumed they meant lured into an ambush of some sort involving a raid on a compound.


I think it was also stupid to let information out that members of Seal Team 6 were killed. WTF? Talk about propaganda for the Taliban, talk about boosting the your enemy's morale !


Perhaps i am off base here but these deaths make me sick.

Why is it that history is no longer taught in school?

When i was a tadpole i remember being taught that in 1775 the greatest military force the world had ever seen, the British Army and Navy (the sun never set on the Britsh empire), decided to get into with a bunch of illiterate, dirt poor farmers, barely capable of scratching out aliving, over some land, a long long way from England. After eight years, despite a hugh advantage in technology, military organization, money and thousands of British soldiers willing to "die for their country" the British wised up and left us alone. Eight years.

We've been in Afghanistan now for eleven years.

Bin Laden was in Pakistan
The cowards who carried out 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia.

i read that a number of Taliban died in the battle yesterday. does anyone believe that a single one of them could point to the United States on a globe? or for that matter spell "america"?

My oldest boy is currently in the service, not a SEAL (army), and stateside as of today.
He wants to defend his country and so do i.

i just don't want to see him give his life for Dick Cheney's stock portfolio.

perhaps i'm missing something here?
i just think of Vietnam and ask what did that get us? how are things working out there now?

History, its worth looking at in my stupid opinion.



I knew quite a few guys on that flight, including my old roommate "Chainsaw"...

Please pray for their families. Sad day indeed.

To help the families of our fallen soldiers donate $10 now to the Navy SEAL Foundation. Text the word SEAL to 90999 and a one-time $10 charge will be added to your wireless bill. You will receive a text asking to confirm your donation. Thanks everyone.


On an unrelated note, how does someone acquire the nickname 'Chainsaw'?


I'm sorry to say you are an ignorant man.


Maybe he was the saw gunner. Just one theory.


You're sorry to say that?


That is also quite entertaining.

So, dont be sorry, you serve a purpose.




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I'm very sorry to hear this. They will certainly be in my prayers and I'm in Japan so I'll look up another method of donating online.