30yo Female starting TRT

Hi friends. I am a 30 year old female, 8 months postpartum. I had my labs done as I was still feeling the postpartum “funk” more than I thought I should at this point, and sure enough lots of things were out of wack. One most severely being my testosterone. My testosterone was 5, and free was 0.2. (Happy to share full lab report if needed). After lots of discussion and my own research, my Dr. started me on 0.12mL once a week for 60 days, concentration is 50mg/mL, then retest labs.

For reference, I am just naturally a very low testosterone producer for some reason. At 27, very fit, no kids or pregnancies, avid lifter, etc. my #s were and 11 and 0.2. Wanting to have children in the future, I didn’t start any HRT at that time.

I would like some thoughts/advice from those of you more experienced with TRT. My Dr is very conservative - take it very slow and redo labs often. Which I do appreciate for the most part. However if there is a way to get my #s to where I need to be at a little more aggressive pace and then cruise, I would prefer that. I have been postpartum and feeling off for 8 months, I am so damn ready to feel good again. Another 12+ weeks for the TRT to take full effect feels like an eternity. I also have been lifting and in and out of the bodybuilding scene for many years. I am very familiar, but not experienced with, anabolics, HRT, peptides, etc. so I wouldn’t say I’m my Dr’s average patient she prescribes TRT to, and I’ve never been one to just follow the path laid out for you and don’t ask questions… so, here I am. Would love any advice you may have on if there is a better/more efficient route. And if you tell me to just shut up and do what she says I won’t like it, but I’ll respect it :laughing::v:t2:

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My wife was on TRT at 7mg per week (your dose is calculated at 6mg/wk).
Prior to that, we had experimented up to 15mg/wk but she started getting acne in a pretty bad way, so we lowered dose.

She had no virilization effects at either dose, but 15mg/wk had her TT at 300 and the range is 9-50 for gals…

There is, though I would not recommend it as virilization isn’t something to take lightly. Still, I’m a fan of open access information.

“Frontloading” is typically done to accomplish what you are asking. To do this, you would double your weekly dose for your first injection, then resume normal dosing for your second week. Nothing crazy.

The reason why I don’t recommend this is because if you find that you respond strongly, this kind of dose could kick-start the virilization process and you have to just ride it out for the next 1.5 weeks waiting for the drugs to lower in your system.

do with this information as you will

I do believe that “better” and “more efficient” are not the same here. The better route, IMO, is to play it cautiously. Your dose is not really a “conservative” dose, but it is relatively low risk.

Oh, the only thing I would change about your dosing is the schedule of it. 1x per week is fine for a lot of people, but some people feel better on 2x per week. In your case, that could look like .06mL Sunday night and .06mL Thursday morning, or any other version of splitting 0.12mL twice per week with 3.5 days between injections.

If you don’t track your menstrual cycle, I would recommend starting :slightly_smiling_face:


My wife (38) is about 6 months on her pellets. I think it’s about 10mg per week, with whatever estrogen and progesterone their algorithm matched it with.

Its changed her life. You will feel so much better.

As far as how to speed things up… got any male friends with testosterone laying around? Quick bolus may be something to consider.

You could also ask your doc for some cream to try while waiting for effects to kick in.

My wife started to feel a little relief around 4-5 weeks, for what it’s worth. We did decide to up her dose around 6 weeks. A few weeks after that was massive relief. Dont be afraid to advocate for more progressive dosing.


My girl is on one 10mg Test-E SubQ injection per week, together with 3 pumps of E gel/daily and cycling progesterone when needed. Been on this full HRT regiment 4+ months. Shes 48 and in MP. Helped her big time. First blood test next month.

Hope you feel better soon!



My wife is on 10mg/week of test cyp divided into two injections as well as 20mg/week estrogen (also split). She is 48 and Defy medical is her provider. She was on test only for 3-4 years and had great results, but her estrogen had been very low recently probably due to her age. Anything above 10mgs and virilization started to be an issue. Her free T is within range at that dosage. Total T is around 140.