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30th Bday I Get an Hour in a DB9 or Modena 360


OK, so I turn 30 in....56 minutes . FUCK. Anyway, Among other sthings I got, I received an hour to drive around in an Astion-MArtin DB9 or a Ferrari Modena 360. Which should I go with?



Happy b-day.


Lol, you're old as fuck. Who knew?


Oops, unquestionably the Ferrari bro. Have fun.



You mission should be to pick up a chic and nail her in the car. One hour time limit? Make it happen.


ferrari...and post a bday ass pic.





The great thing is when you turn 30 if you still have hair then you get to keep it till at least 40, there's some law where you can't lose it inbetween.

Also, on a more serious note, I was daunted by turning 30 (38 now) then after you turn 30 you now see yourslef as "in the beginning of your 30s" and not "at the end of your 20s" so it's not as bad as it seems.


Aston all the way, the ferrari 360 is old as shitm db9 is awesome. Pluse the db9 is a 6lt v12, the ferrari is a 3.6 v8.

Aston all day! Better looking with more power


What did you choose?


Don't have to choose for a while! I'm leaning DB9 at this point...V12


DB9 all the way.

Dress like Bond.


Hbday - DB9




I would agree. The Ferrari is outdated these days.


Aston. Put on a suit and be mother fuckin Bond, James Bond.


What year are the cars?

Aston has always had shit gearboxes, so even though the 360's is outdated, it might still be better. Also, The DB9 is said to drive more like an everyday businessman sports car, the Ferrari is meant to race. Although the Aston has a bigger engine with more power, the weight to power ratio is better in the Ferrari and so is the weight distribution. It is a V8 but pumps out about 110hpper litre, the DB9 is only about 75. 360 has better 0-60, 0-100 and quarter mile.

I'm a Ferrari fan FWIW.


Almost forgot. It looks way sexier.


Is that a wrap?


You want to look good doing it? DB9

You want to go fast and feel mad power and feel like Schumacher in Monaco? Modena.

Hope you had a blast.

My 30th was spent drunk after a free round of golf and being taken to dinner to Cheesecake Factory by an ex gf. Your Bday is winning over mine.


No idea.