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30mg Test Cyp 2x/Wk. Results


I’ve been on 30mg of Test cyp 2x a week for a total of 60mg/week. Every time I
try to go up from that dose (original prescription was for 100mg/week) I get
very anxious and don’t feel right.

I’ve only been on the shots for 30 day now and am thinking I have been so low
for so long that my body is slowly adjusting to increased T. Does this sound
right and as anybody had this problem. Below are my most recent blood tests
taken at 9:50am in the morning from Quest on the morning of my next shot:

Estone: 25 (< or =68pg/ml)
Cortisol,total: 16.6 (4 -22 mcg/dl)
DHEA Sulfate: 277 ( 45 -345 mcg/dl)
FHS: <0.7L (1.6 - 8.0 mIU/ml)
LH: <0.2L (1.5 - 9.3)

Estradiol: 27 (< or =39pg/ml)
Total Test: 330 (230 -1100ng/dl)
Free Test: 85.3 (35 - 155 pg/ml)

My SHBG a week before I started on the shots was 13 (13-71 nmol/L). I was on
androgel at the time and the highest my test went was 295 and that was a few
hours after putting the gel on.

I’ve tried the gel which didn’t work and my start T was 185.


Does anybody think my E2 is too high with a T level of 320? The above test was taken the morning of the day I take my shot. I’m doing 2Xweek (Sun and Wend) 15mg each.

That makes you estrogen dominant.

Need time of day to interpret cortisol.

Estrone, estriol and total estrogens never are needed labs.

No need to check LH/FSH ever again.

You should NOT have started a new thread, other info about you is disconnected.

Without more info, perhaps you are hitting the wall known to occur when TRT is introduced when the adrenals or thyroid function is weak.

Without more info, we cannot help you.

My apologies for starting a new thread. The test was taken around 945am. Attached are the results 2 week prior to starting the shots. At that time I was on 4 pumps of androgel 1.62.

Second part of the blood test prior to starting shots.

Has anybody had any luck with DIM for lowering E2? My doctor will not give me a prescription for Arimidex/anastrozole unless my numbers are above the range of 39.


Also, is there a way to merge the thread with my other thread so I can keep to the forum rules?

You can copy, paste and edit as needed. Not really forum rules, just lets others be more helpful. No one wants to do an easter egg hunt to find out what is posted elsewhere.

DIM is like taking a knife to a gun fight.

Still need the other thread if there was advice given there and you answered question. Move this content there then leave a note here for people to pick up on the old thread, and put a link here for that.

Will do. Thanks! Please continue this thread at: