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30mg of Winstrol Every Day


FYI I've been using 30 mg of oral winstrol everday for a month now and it has really helped my recovery and strength as well. Just some info for guys looking for an edge without putting on lots of muscle or more powerful steroids. Has increased the libido as well.


How long are you planning on doing this? And what have you done in the past?


I'm doing this for 8 weeks total and this is my first time using AAS.


This is a really great thread.


Out of curiousity, why not 50mg a day? 50mg is pretty standard and is what i used for a 6 week winny-only cycle last year with no problems.


I just wanted to see what the results from a minimum dose might be.


By the way I have no joint issues that some people complain of while on this stuff and I had a nagging shoulder injury that would not fully heal even after 6 weeks of phys therapy that cleared up within 2 weeks of use