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30lb Cube Method Squat PR 475x1


Worked up to 475 for a single tonight which turns out to be a 30lb squat pr. We will see how the mock meet goes in a couple weeks. Bodyweight is at 202


Cute boots bro.


Nice squatting. Do you have that plate under you at liftoff because of a training partner using higher pins? If not, just go the next setting down, that's a disaster waiting to happen man. Keep up the good work.


The plate is there because that setting is too high and the setting below is way too low. So, I chose the lesser of two evils and walk it off a plate so I can get the bar on my back where I like it. I have had zero issues so far, as you can see I'm pretty in control at all times and I make sure I have spotters when I need them. No worries


You owned all those reps with solid form....you'll hit 500 soon.


If you say so. It would just be a really shitty way to get hurt if you slipped off that plate or something.


great squatting man