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305lb Squats 3 Reps=22.5 Legs?!


WTF?! Dave trains legs for the first time Jan 08, I think, and blows up 3 inches on his legs six months later. Am I doing something wrong? I've tried my best to squat deep and squat heavier each workout and switching to stiff-legged deadlift and doing leg curls every two weeks but I will never reach good thigh size. Shit I'd be satisfied at 25's. Help!!


Where are you measuring them?


First, I have to say thanks for replying to my every post man. I should do the same for you, but usually the student never tries to correct the mentor(:. The middle of them. If I measured at my biggest, I probably might reach 23.5...might.


How tall are you?




What are your other measurements?


I haven't measured others but I know biceps are at 14-15.


How much do you weigh? It sounds like you simply need to eat more.


170, my maintenance is at 2500 and I've been eating at 2800 to continue a lean gain. I know I can get fat easily so that's why I do so.


Also while there are people that can make solid size gains from just squats (I'd consider myself one of them), most will find they need more work from other exercises to get the desirable development.


Would examples be leg extensions, leg curls, hack squats, and lunges? Only ones I can think of. Come to think of it, legs do not have that many exercises.


If your stayed on the idea of a lean gain, then understand that size gains will take longer to come. I don't seem much trouble in you bumping up the cals even more. If you gain an undesirable level of fat, then you can just cut back for little while, and then continue with business as usual.


Leg presses, hip thrusters, glute-ham raises, pull throughs, sprints, and sled work as well. With legs, volume seems to be the deciding factor for most.


You aren't squatting high are you?


Sigh, that's true, volume just takes a lot out of you. Then again, 3 sets of 305 takes a lot out of you too. I'm thinking of look through dave's posts when I have time. The search function isn't that great and takes time. Yeah, I'm thinking of bumping it up a bit more.


Nope, some people have told me I squat too deep, breaking below parallel.


Making sure



lighten up the weight, squat slower and feel your legs flexing


my thighs never really grew great from back squat itself. I started to get more developed after I added more front squats and leg press.