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305 Strict Press


all time best


God damn that's strong. I have yet to hit 205.


thank you this was 20 pound personal best, havent been on here in forever it feels like
but the training is coming back with a vegenance


this is my new youtube channel, i will be posting videos all the way leading up to my next strongman competition in georgia


Looking strong Hunter. You will be damn hard to beat in the 265 class in GA. Keep up the work man.


thanks thats what im going for


Huge milestone going over 300 strict. Man you gotta get that three plate press soon!


its coming soon after this next month or so of training im hoping to go over 320 strict, its not easy gaining on overhead press gains are slow, but as long as they are steady i cant complain.


You'll be seeing me in one these soon lol


without a doubt


Subscribed. My gut tells me that this is going to be an interesting thread.

Haha I would kill for 15 lbs on any lift in that amount of time. Fantastic lift. Your press is 10 lbs better than my bench press PR.


wow you are my height. you inspire me. good work. was progressing on the bench press a real challenge for you since your tall?


He's dealt with a separated shoulder and torn pec, but otherwise, he hasn't.


thank you


the thing is your thinking of it as a challenge and a handicapper, in reality ive always thought of it as a positive
whether it be a longer torso to add more mass to to press with, bigger wider shoulders to press with ect.
your thinking like that is going to be trouble NO FUCKING EXCUSES, NO MATTER HOW TALL HOW LONG MY ARMS ARE



sick, in for sickness.


for sure bro, i would put my new videos up right now but i just took a muscle relaxer, and im about to pass out
287 strict press with swiss bar simulating a log, and 550x12 romanian deadlift to the knee for lockout work
followed by shrugs and rows


good inspiration right there


Wow, you're build like a brickhouse!
Mad respect for your press!
Do you have a training log where I can watch how you usually work out?

I remember you from putting out that post about how to get big if you are low on budget.
Helped me out big time bro, keep up the good work. Milk, eggs and ice cream, WAR