300mg/wk Test C for 1 Year. What Bloodwork?

So the last couple blood tests i’ve had my doctor only tests free testosterone. i asked him to test for estrogen levels this last time and we did free test (27.7) and estrogen (215). not sure the units of measurement used and i don’t have an appt with him to discuss for 3 weeks. what all should we be testing for? thanks

Can’t you call the office and get a copy of the blood work? It’s yours.

Why are you using 300 mg for TRT?

Increasing injection frequencies and smaller doses is the name of the game if you want to lower estrogen, avoid AI’s if you can help it.

True, with the caveat you also lower the total dosage.

My e2 went really high breaking up the doses into EOD.

You probably dosed it wrong, if your Total T was higher than before then E2 would be higher.


thanks, so i didn’t see 300/week (cruise dose) as a lot. i will talk with doc and have it dropped down to 200. seems like the smart move. any AI or serm needed or would just dropping the dse down be fine?